fedora 3 with XFree86

I have alot of problem when configurate RAdeon 7500 graphic card for Fedora core 3 (I can't setup the resolution to 1024x768). All you know the Fedora core 3 is not come with XFree86. It is equiqed with Xorg and I can't figure that out. So here is my question
1) Can I install XFree86 for my machine so I can confige Radeon 7500 easier?
2) I just want to spend around 50$ for the Nvidea graphic card. I heard it is very compatible with Fedora 3. Which one should I buys?
Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried configuring Xorg with Xorgconfig from a command line and answering the prompts ?
From a configuration viewpoint this Xorg doesn't differ that much from Xfree86... And more or less the same goes for the 7500 as would for it with Xfree86. It is supported by the freeware radeon driver... check it out with "man radeon" if you are having problems... There are some parameters one could try (mainly Option "NoAccel" when having trouble:-).
... Using the nice configurator is (of course) a good idea, then perhaps (if needed) tweaking a bit...

I haven't looked, but is there still a proprietary ATI driver perhaps to download/use?

-- Glenn
Nope, 8500 seems to be the "lowest" ATI goes these days.

-- Glenn
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1) Can I install XFree86 for my machine so I can confige Radeon 7500 easier?
ask RedHat and Fedora project ( xorgcfg -textmode still works)
2) I just want to spend around 50$ for the Nvidea graphic card. I heard it is very compatible with Fedora 3. Which one should I buys?
It works poorly with Linux. Their driver crashes too often, esp when running two GLX applications
Whatever you set up you must ensure that these three sections  are set up such the way (by editing xorg.conf file):

for monitor all besides Identifier must go away
Section "Monitor"
        Identifier   "Monitor0"
for display - configure *ANY* video driver, then replace it with radeon, this must be the bug that xorgcfg never sees radeon drivers (again do not change identifier)
Section "Device"
        Identifier  "Card0"
        Driver      "radeon"
        # Option      "AGPMode" "4"
        # Option      "ForcePCIMode" "true"
and add DRI section, to allow users other than root to see 3D
Section "DRI"
        Mode 0666

after restart of X or your whole system run the following:
glxinfo | grep render
it should display as follows (maybe yours is R100 type, but basically it should tell that DRI is on)
direct rendering: Yes
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R200 20030328 AGP 4x x86/MMX+/SSE2 TCL

after it runs fine look at "man radeon" manual page for some tweak options.

This card supports Anti-Aliased TrueType fonts too

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don04Author Commented:
ah...I got figured it out.

1. I followed gheist's instruction
2. Reboot. Still not  help much.
3. updated all the latest package from Fedora core 3
4. Reboot - it works!!!
mY god.
I think the solution is combine the updated and ghiest helps.
really strange....
there is some kernel facility to assist radeon videocards with DRI, and some to assist specific AGP chipset, maybe software for one was missing or outdated on CDs, or you bought brand new computer like new and barely supported AGP chipset ????
I guess update helped, I simply provided working xorg config, so it is out of suspicion...
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