Live DVD Distrubtions

Are there any good Live DVD instead of LIVE CD distros of linux. I am looking for one with tons of programs intstalled that I can just run without installing to the hard drive sort of like Knoppix. I know Suse has one but it isnt free and I am looking for a free one. I think this will be pretty hard to find since I have tried and been unable to find anything so if you can find it you will get a good reward of 500 points.
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There is Knoppix 3.4 Remastered DVD. It's unofficial and I have no idea what's in it. Anyway, here's a thread that mentions it:

There is also KNOPPIX 3.5 LinuxTag 2004 DVD Edition, but apparently it's not available for download. It was sold at Linux Tag expo and it included Knoppix and a bunch of conference material.

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SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Do you think you can find anything else. I am looking for something that is in English and that will allow me to easily play games from it. Do you know of any way to remaster knoppix without having a linux partition?
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
thansk good enough here are your points
Well, there's Quantian, but as far as I know, it's highly specialized for numerical analysis, That, Suse and those couple of Knoppix remasters are the only I know.

If DVD format isn't strict requirement, you might want to have a look at a list of live cd distros aimed for gamers,

I don't know about the remastering of Knoppix. I guess you could do it in a Windows partition, but I'm not the one to tell you to try it. If you have good backups and adventurous mind, you could try.
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