Get all IP addresses in one workgroup

ok i have a workgroup of people attached to a switch sharing files and internet, without disrupting everyone in the office can I access one pc in dos and use a command to get all of the IP addresses for each pc? I would like to get the computer name too...

What is the command?
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How are the IP addresses assigned?  If DHCP is assigning the addresses, you could look in the DHCP server for the bindings (leases).
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Go to a dos prompt
Ping broadcast address eg. for
arp -a this will give ip addresses to mac addresses of machines connected.

Be aware that some devices will not respond to broadcast, but PC's are usually ok.

You could also go into network neighbourhood and from a dos prompt ping each of the machines. This will give name and it will respond with IP address.

Of course there are probably a thousand ways to do this but this does not require any external software.
pinging a broadcast address is not possible and is wrong.

use one ot the iP scanners suggested above (they do it in a loop - 1 by 1 and not all together).

Or use this one, its free and doesn't require any installation.

In th IP scanner configure the range of IPs you would like to scan and it will do it. For a network of Class C (255 hosts) it takes around 15 minutes. This program gives you IP, Hostname, DNS name, etc.

PS: as also stated above - some PCs won't answer ping (but in a LAN environment those would only be XP machines with Firewall running).
I assure you that if you
arp -a
then ping broadcast (you will not get a reply)
arp -a

You will see all the PC's running windows on the network. :-)
type in the command prompt.

net view

This will list all the computer names.

Then just ping each one and note down their ip

ping <computername>
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