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I am using VB 2003, and am wondering how you make it perform a search. Like say I want to make a program to search for explorer.exe how would I do this?
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You mean search for a particular File in the System ???

You need to recursively search all the Drives/Folders/Sub-Folders
Or if you want access to some system files like explorer.exe which you know are in a particular path you can directly access

here's a code for recursive searching

   Public Sub ProcessDirectory(ByVal targetDirectory As String)
        Dim fileEntries As String() = Directory.GetFiles(targetDirectory)
        Dim fileName As String
        For Each fileName In fileEntries
            If fileName.ToUpper = "EXPLORER.EXE" Then
                Exit Sub
            End If
        Next fileName
        Dim subdirectoryEntries As String() = Directory.GetDirectories(targetDirectory)
        Dim subdirectory As String
        For Each subdirectory In subdirectoryEntries
        Next subdirectory
    End Sub

call it like ProcessDirectory("C:\")

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tenchi86Author Commented:
Thanks I will try this later it seems to be what I needed though. Also yes pretty much I just wanted to make vb go into say my computer/C:/programs and find what file I tell it to find.
tenchi86Author Commented:
Sorry, for asking this but im a complete noob to this. When I try and run this it pretty much says cannot run debug file not found. So I am screwing up some wheres just not sure where. Also say I wanted it to find say just the winamp file and not winamp.exe do I just replace winamp.exe with winamp?
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