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I am making a car console for a client in Photoshop. The console should look like a luxury car console which you can operate from your left hand while sitting on your driver's seat. I tried to make one for the client and its is hosted on following URL: .

I tried my best but the customer is telling me that he wanted an executive 2004 look and I gave him a game portal 2000. I am definately lacking something somewhere which I am not able to figure out. I would appreciate any help, be it photoshop help, design help or the URL to other sites which have the same type of layout. Please dont worry about the inside content, its just the shape of the console thats giving me grief. I need to somehow make it look more like a Car Dashboard/Console. If something does not sound clear, please dont hessitate to ask!

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You could try getting in your car and taking some digital photos of the interior, then going to your nearest car dealership and doing the same. Get all these photos together in photoshop and pick elements you like and combine them.

It also sounds to me like you need to go back to your client and find out their needs more clearly.

The client saying: "executive 2004 look" really doesn't say a lot to me. You need to find out what they want in terms of colours, shape etc.

If the client himself doesn't actually know what he wants then you're in the worst possible situation. I run a mile from these kinds of customers, they are more hassle than they're worth.

Good Luck!

-the swan.
I agree with the above poster,  snapping a few car interiors at a car lot is a good idea.  

If you have time, do this.  run over to one of those busy streets with all the car lots.   Grab one of their really nice catalogs with quality pics of the interiors / exteriors.

go to Lexus, Acura, Nissan, Honda, and maybe ford.

scan the interiors, or just clip the shots out that you can use.  Then, ask for another meeting with your client.   Do a brainstorm session for about 15 minutes, or just compare the pics, making notes about it.  Bring your sketch pad.

I think the client will appreciate doing what it takes to get it right.  

right off the bat, looking at your existing design, I'll say this.  You've got a nice leather fake texture, but it's really too square.  Cars  have oval and odd shape panels now, and you'll probably want to space it out better.  You've got some work to do, to clean it up.  try using lighting effects in photoshop to get more of a shaded beveled look rather than just bevel  / emboss, which in a lot of cases could be avoided like  you should avoid lens flares.

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KaliKoderAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of you.

Swan, I got some pamphlets etc of the cars and scanned some things off there. I had this option before, had some images before, but this added to those images. You are right, the client is not very easy to deal with, sometimes we wish we could ask them to draw everything for us, but you know sometimes we do have to work with vague ideas and work through the steps to get them approved, running away from this one isnt an option :-(

Michael, Brainstorming was a good idea, to have the pictures together, and to sit down with couple of other people (even if they are not part of your team) is a good idea to get some input. The oval shape, with a boundry and a 3D "deapth" was exactly what I was trying to achieve, I havent been quite able to achieve and finish that yet, I would keep your tip about avoiding lens flares in mind.

Thanks for your assitance, I realize this question was unlike others :) Once I am able to achieve what I needed to, I might post it on the web for you guys to look at if you wish!

kalikoder: you're welcome for the help! by all means post a link when it's done.

all the best!!

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