Why are framed buttons shoved to middle in Netscape?

The following site was created with FrontPage:


My friend created this page with FrontPage 2003.  When viewed in Netscape, the buttons in the left frame appear in the center of the page.  I've looked at it, but can't figure out the problem.  Any help?


P.S. - I know the site appears to be configured for a very high screen resolution.  That is a separate issue, unless it is contributing to the button problem.
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to start from scratch. The page is a disaster...

The code is completely IE-centric, and everything is set with CSS positioning using absolute pixel dimensions. There's no way to get this to work correctly as it stands now.

kmoloneyAuthor Commented:
I'm pretty sure your right, sean, but I'm hoping to get a little bit more clarification.

I understand the issue with the absolute positioning.  Netscape supports CSS, so why the problem with the positioning of the buttons even if it is absolute?

When you say "completely IE-centric," what's making you come to that conclusion, and what should be removed to make it more globally accessible?


kmoloneyAuthor Commented:
To clarify my question, I'm hoping to come up with some guidelines so she can avoid the problem again in the future.  Is it a FrontPage issue?
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kmoloneyAuthor Commented:
I'm increasing points to 250 for the additional clarification.
>>Is it a FrontPage issue

Basically yes, FrontPage is good if you already understand how to code pages, otherwise it's very good at creating pages with code that will only work for Internet Explorer.
And also for creating a pile of code that is really pretty useless I'm afraid. Unfortunately, the page she created needs to be re-done.

There is nothing wrong with positioning, when it's used in the right way for the right reasons. It's just not meant as a tool to layout complete pages.

Probably the best thing for your friend is to study up on 2 of the basic web languages:


and css:

Once they have a good grasp on those, then she will be telling frontpage what to do, as opposed to the other way around. And that's the most imporant distiction here.



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kmoloneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.
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