Extracting data from PICK database

I have an old Point of Sales system running on PICK operating system or database. I understand it is both. The system is falling over all the time. I need to extract the stock listing, about 10000 items, to import into another new system.

Any ideas?

I do not know how to work PICK. It has a menu that seems fixed. I cant find a way to dump a printout to a text file instead of the printer.
Alex AngusDirectorAsked:
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- Print stock listing
- OCR printed pages to text files
- convert text files to new database format

Hi alexangus,

have you tried the newsgroup (comp.databases.pick) ?

can these guys help http://www.fusionware.net/  (did pick become MULTIVALUE???)

you may find something here http://efunda.intota.com/multisearch.asp?mode=&strSearchType=all&strQuery=Pick+database+system

i seem to remember a PICK question about getting access to data within the last YEAR/18Months but haven't found it yet...
may have been in the SQL Server Topic area...



alternatively here's a programming manual http://www.jes.com/pb/pbapg.pdf

for pick and BASIC?

good luck

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Alex AngusDirectorAuthor Commented:
Yes this is the option we are trying to overcome. We have tested it and it would be fine, except for the huge volume of work in achieving this.

Yes I did find something but there was no final answer to that. I sent a mail to the originator, but I think he has gone away since it was about a year ago. I followed the PICK story, but it seems it has almost disappeared as a product except for one company that has a new version of it. Do not recall the name off hand. But I will try your suggestions and let you know.

The site is about 400km from here, so I will get back to you during the week.

Alex AngusDirectorAuthor Commented:
Remember now that I am following some of your links.

Pick became Universe when Informix took it over and it is now D3 from Raining Data.
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