Can't Access Web page

Hi guys,
For some strange reason, I just haven't been able to access the webpage. Whenever i try accessing it, the progress bar starts up but nothing ever gets dislpayed not even the regular "Page Could not be displayed" error.  I can actually see that the address is automatically redirected to but nothing else happens. This is a really weird and obscure issue in my opinion so if anybody's heard of this anyy suggestions would be welcome.

Some baclground info:

-I don't have a router connected
-My Pc-Cillin Firewall has all ports open (just for testing purposes)
-I have Ad-Aware Pro Se 1.05 with the latest definitions files
-I have scanned my entire system for spamware as well as viruses and found none
-I have verified that there are no strange entries in my HOSTS file
-I am using WinXp SP1 and IE 6.0
-I have set the options under Internet Explorer to "Accept all cookies" (again only for testing purposes)
-I have set my security settings to low under IE(again only for testing purposes)
-I have turned off my pop up blocker
-I haved emptied my Temporary Internet Folders
- I have made sure taht the content advisor feature within IE is disabled
- I have made certain that no sites appeared on the blocked list within the privacy tab of the IE options
- This only happens with (aka as far as I can tell. I can access every other web site that I'm used to with no problems and have never had any problems downloading files or anything.

Not the most important issue on the planet, I realize but nonetheless, I'm stumped and curious to see if any one knows why this is happening.

Thanks Dudes!!!


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SebastianAguileraAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,
After more fiddling around I have managed to solve this issue but I wanted to post my solution anyays in case it can help someone in the future.

I just went to Tools=>Internet options=>Advanced and I unchecked the "Use HTTP 1.1" checkbox which was checked and then I restarted Internet Explorer. All was fine from then on!

I guess this is some older protocol that just didn't agree with the site for some reason.

Until next time!

Funny, I have the HTTP 1.1 still checked and I can open the page.  I did notice, however, that at the beginning a video is loading which takes quite a while.  I use broadband, so no problem.  Did you maybe mean HTTP 1.1 over Proxy?  I don't have that one checked since no proxy is in use.
SebastianAguileraAuthor Commented:
Yup I mean HTTP 1.1. I tried all different combinations of checking/unchecking HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 1.1 over proxy and it would only work as long as HTTP 1.1 was unchecked. I have broadband as well. Oh well maybe I just cured the symptom and not the disease. I don't get it but for now all is well.


You might still look at update your Macromedia and Java (Sun) components.  These really help with certain Internet sites.

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SebastianAguileraAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I 'l play around iwth it.
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