Using digital pen to write a signature in a form's picbox or something , any ideas?

Expert Im trying to use my digital pen to write signatures on a preloaded image in my Form and save to file.
The pen should write similar to ms paint or something and the i click a command to save to file
Please help me on the way to do this?
(NOTE: the pen works just like the mouse when writing with better control thats all)
Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperAsked:
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you just need to add an OLE-field to your datatable

do a form, which displays the OLE-field (for an example look at http://www.itesgemeiner,com/service/EE/oletestform.mdb )

open ms-notepad, do some drawing, cut
then you have it in the clippboard
set focus on olefield in form, > paste
so the OLE-field will take it, as long it is an OLE compatible document and it will renmember the application, so if you doubleclick it later it will automatically open this app.

potential problem in multiuser environment: if you put in an OLE from an app, your colleage has not installed he will not see it or be able to change it

regards, Franz
sorry misstyped the link

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Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Well Bonjour
I want to be able to write in  the form's image
like the ms paint  no fancy brushes needed or size
just beable to write in black on an loaded image  
 Look here:

That link is similar to want i want
in Access VBA you cannot draw like in VB, so above example is not to be translated to VBA.
only thing you can do:
make an empty *.bmp assign it to all new records
to write, you will need to doubleclick it. then the app for *.BMP will opren
write the signature
close the app
signature is in OLE field in access Form

regards, Franz
Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Sure you can do it in VBA

how do i edit  the code in download file above to make the pixel smaller and the writing smoother and to save to file (jpg)?
i looked at the example
for a signature it is too rough
it does not store the picture anywhere, it is just display
to store a signature to a record, you will need the described OLE-method

regards, Franz
Jeff TennessenAssistant Vice PresidentCommented:

Stephen Lebans, whose PaintProgram you referenced above, has an image class that basically recreates the functionality of a VB PictureBox control in Access, using a subclassed Image control. It should give you what you need. You can find source code at in both Access 97 and Access 2000 versions.


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Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Wow , how did i miss that!!
Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I think im going to redesign Stephen Leban's website for free!
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