Delegates, returning values to main form

i'm stuck and can't find solution. I'm a novice in C#...

I have two files in my project...this is just a simplified example, my real app is more complicated :)
1. Main FORM that has a textbox and a Button on it.
2. and annother file "CLASS" that has defined a function that generates random values (for example).

now... On a click of a button I create a thread that calls function form that class file like this.

Class1 delaj = new Class1();
Thread t = new Thread(new ThreadStart(delaj.GenerateNumbers));
t.Start(); is my problem. How can I pass generated value back to main form, each time that is generated, so that I can append generated value in my textbox? I know how to create event handler so that I can trigger an event each time that number is generated. I can't figure it out how to get that geneated value.
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Take a look at this article, it is close to your case. It passes strings, replace strings with numbers.


public delegate void DelegateNumber(int n);

public class MainForm : System.Windows.Forms.Form
    public DelegateNumber m_DelegateNumber;

    m_DelegateNumber = new DelegateNumber(this.AddNumber);

    private void AddNumber(int n)
      // add number to textbox here

Thread code (assuming that m_form is reference to the form):

int n = 5;   // some number

m_form.Invoke(m_form.m_DelegateNumber, new Object[] {n});


m_form.BeginInvoke(m_form.m_DelegateNumber, new Object[] {n});

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Bob LearnedCommented:
Why don't you create a static function so that you don't need an instantiated class to retrieve a random number?  It would be like String.Format, Array.Sort, etc.

gruntarAuthor Commented:
TheLearnedOne, can you give me an example for my case?
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