Unable to access all websites using DSL router


Ok here goes, My set up is as follows:

My Internet service comes from a cable provider, The cable Modem is a TERAYON model TA102. IP adress and DNS are provied by DHCP. This Modem is then connected to a DLINK DL-604 Broadand Router. The Router WAN is set to DHCP and the LAN IP for the Router is I am using this set up to share the internet connection. My PC IP is set to and the gateway is set to the Router at


i have internet access ok but when I go to certain sites eg: www.ebay.co.uk i cannot access the page. When I plug the PC direct to the Cable modem There is no problem.

PLease Help  this is driving me MAD.  I have gone through the Router setings and cannot find any reason for this, I have no filters set and  the internal firewall is off
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Rok BrnotCommented:
Does browser returns any message when you try to connect to this sites?
cjenn1161Author Commented:
The std web page not found comes up
Rok BrnotCommented:
Can you telnet to this site:
in command line write:

telnet www.ebay.co.uk 80

if you get black window press CTRL-C

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Rok BrnotCommented:
One more thing:

Try to connect directly to ip address of  www.ebay.co.uk

write instead of  www.ebay.co.uk in your browser.
this isn't the first time that someone has had some unsual problem with a DI-604 read this: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/Q_21008579.html

It sounds like the router use a different DNS server than provided by your ISP so I think the solution may be: "Goto the status tab in the router and note your DNS servers provided by your ISP.  Enter those in the primary and secondary DNS servers on the Home-> WAN page in the router."
this refers to ICS, but also applies here
change MTU on client
use drtcp to change the MTU settings
drtcp (free)

This is almost certainly a MTU problem, to check for sure run the test here http://www.dslreports.com/tweaks then download DrTCP from the same site to adjust your MTU as recommended.
its certainly a DNS issue with your Modem and broadband router can u check what dns are using at the PC u browse the site and can u ping ebay.co.uk or any site u r not able to access.

Reconfigure the DNS on the cable modem and the router and your PC it should work
cjenn1161Author Commented:
Thanks for your help so far guys.  still doesn't work though.  I have done the MTU check and 1454 is my optimal setting which I have now set in all devices. Also I have tried setting the router to use various DNS servers including the ones used by the ISP.- still no luck.   It gets even stranger now as I have tried a Netgear RP614 router
 and the same problem exsits with that router aswell????? One thing I have not mentioned is the ISP set up.  I live on  a large Urbanisation in spain and the central node where the cable is distrbuted from gets its internet connection via a sattelite link. It has a huge bandwidth as there are about 300 clients with a 1MBIT  connection with virtually no latency.
cjenn1161Author Commented:
Ok I can load ebay with the IP address Must be something to do with DNS
cjenn1161Author Commented:
What is special about the hughes DNS servers? would I benefit from using them here in Spain?
Rok BrnotCommented:

Just for test - can you try and change DNS (on your router) to this :

Primary DNS     :
Secondary DNS :

then run ipconfig /all on your computer - if DNS servers doesnt show in response -
check again TCP/IP settings if you have <Obtain server addresses automatically> selected

I hope any of this helps...
from a prompt thype
ping www.ebay.com
see if it resolves the correct ip (It won't get a response, they are blocking ping requests)
Pinging pages.ebay.com []
if it doesn't resovle the ip then it usually is a nds error, if it resolves the wrong ip, check y ou drive for a file named "hosts" not hosts.sam, just hosts (no extension)
open in notepad and remove all entries execpt localhost
then if using w2k/XP
from the prompt type
ipconfig /flushdns
then try again
the hosts file (if using w2k/xp shuld be in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc
cjenn1161Author Commented:
Hi did as you sadi, the ip waas wrong, correct now,  problem still persists.  rbrnot's dns servers did not work either. Incidently when using another PC as a gateway all is fine
Rok BrnotCommented:
Does ipconfig /all show correct DNS servers ?
cjenn1161Author Commented:
Yes Ipconfig shows DNS correctly    ie:  (the router itself)  I have tried setting dns servers other than the router and problem still the same
With dns at
ping   pages.ebay.com  getting      []
ping  www.ebay.co.uk and getting []

from www.dnsreport.com:

www.ebay.co.uk A record is
www.ebay.co.uk.  A [TTL=300] [US]
www.ebay.co.uk.  A [TTL=300] [US]

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