I keep getting kicked off line, can't clean install Win XP Home

I'm trully sorry if this is a second post.  I keep getting kicked off line and I can't tell if my previous info was posted or not.  I've tried rephrasing a question in XP, but I've decided to try another question fresh.  Please bare with me.  

I finally got around to installing my Windows XP Home Edition "upgrade" version.  Did as told, went from a Fat32 format to NTSF or whatever it's called.  I did this because Win Me was running in the background and giving many problem.  I wanted a clean installation of Win XP Home.  So Now, after, I hope or think, getting rid of Win Me, and doing a clean installation of Win XP Home--

My problems are--

1)  Being that I just installed a clean install of Win XP Home, yet XP wouldn't pick up on my wireless router.  For the longest time I couldn't access the internet.  Finally, I re-installed from the CD, my wireless PCI Adapter. That at least got me online.  Now, my computer can't hold on to a connection.  As I tried to update windows at "Windows Update" my connection kept failing and I kept getting kicked off line and had to start all over.  Finally through persistance, I finished.  Also, when I reboot, my computer won't automatically, and it used to automatically, connect to the internet--I have cable.  I must double-click the Taskbar icon of "Wireless Network Connection," which has a Red-X through it, and then "Connect" again.  Soon as I re "Connect," the conncetion is great.  To stop this problem, I've--in this process--used Supporting "Wireless Connection Status", and clicked "Repair."  It's indicated at "repair"--"If problems persist, contact Network Administrator of ISP," but I've always assumed that's me.  If no, some one please direct me.  Point is that this connection doesn't last long before I'm kicked off line.  

Quickly here, because it just happend, I receive messages from the Network Icon that "One of more wireless networks are availble.  To see a list of networks click here (I means I'm kicked off line again)," so I click, my wireless connection comes up, and I must "Connect," i.e. re-connect.

Moreover, I've tried going to My Computer/Manage/Disk Management:  I select Drive C:.  Action/All Tasks/Properties.  First Disk CleanUp, and then Tools.  Then Error Checking/Check Now.  I check both Check Disk Option, i.e. Automatically Fix File System Errors, and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.  I check both click Start, and the computer can't do this function now, I must reboot, and it'll do it.  In the past, with Fat32, and even with NTFS on my upstairs computer, when I rebooted, this process began, but not now.  This computer, with NTFS, and just installed Win XP Home yesterday from an Upgrade Disk, begins this process, and then I receive a message that files can't be accessed and the computer stops both Disk Options, i.e. Automatically Fix File System Errors, and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, and then returns to Windows XP.

Now my main problems here on this newly installed, "CLEAN" installation of Windows XP Home Edition from an "Upgrade" CD is--

1) I wonder why, since I just did a clean installation of Win XP, and hopefully negated Win ME, yet it  didn't automatically detect my Wireless PCI Adapter
2) After finally having to re-install the PCI Adapter with its CD and obtaining ability to access the internet, I can't stay online.  (Keep in mind that I used my own WEP KEY taken from upstairs computer.
3) Even though I've used Windows Update, and as pertains to Win XP (without SP-2), I've updated all that can be updated.  My next step is to install Win XP, SP-2, but I don't want to do that until I fix my current problems.
4) My current system runs slow, it studders, e.g. I'll be typing and all of a sudden the characters don't appear on the screen any longer, but if I keep typing, they'll appear, albeit belatted.  Then the system catches up  and the charater appear as supposed to appear.  

Point is, since I've gotten rid of Win Me in the back ground of my computer, based on some advice here at Experts, i.e above, and have done a clean installation, I thought it was clean, of Win XP Home, I can't stay online for long, on every reboot, I must re-connect my wireless router, Win XP seems to be skipping, hemming and hawing, and miss-fireing, even though I've updated every update except for SP-2.  I even had the darndest time getting my printer to work.  To end, my wireless connection is kicking offline about every three minutes, and I must click the icon, and re-connect, the system is slow and screwed, I'm completely updated, there's no ME that I know of on this computer.  CAn anyone please--PLEASE!--help me get this computer running correctly?  Moreover, my only version of Win XP Home, other than hp's locked drive upstairs for Recovery, I have only an Upgrade CD for Win XP.


P.S.  I'm having trouble staying online, my wireless won't hold, and I keep getting kicked off line.  Please bare with me.
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what kind of signal strenght are you getting?
any microwaves or cordless phones around?
any one near you have a wireless network?
go to the pci wireless adapter mfg website and get the latest greatest drivers for it (XP drivers)
and then try and shut off the windows zero wireless config and use the mfg's software to control the adapter
I would suggest that you try and download Microsoft Windows Service Pack 2 to your system if possible, probably the best solution is for you to order a free CD that comes shipped, home to you in a couple of days (I got two), the reason being is that in SP2, Microsoft has have added extra support and configuration for wirless decives.

"Extract from Microsoft: Improved wireless support, Dramatically improves and simplifies the process of discovering and connecting to wireless networks."

Check out these sites:

What to know before installing SP2.

and then

Order the free CD.

Hope this gets your connection up and running,
Did you UPGRADE to XP, or did you boot off the CD, and clean install it USING the upgrade the CD.

If you did the Latter, i heartily suggest you Format the machjine, and install XP fresh.

All the problems you describe really sound llike it was an upgrade install, and not clean.


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OK I was gonna type out the instructions but this article does it SO much better, with screenshots and everything:


AND, while you are i there make sure that you disable all protocols except for the one you're using...


MordidoAuthor Commented:
First, just an update on what's happening:  I've two computers:  Upstairs (new) hp pavilion a650y using Win XP Home Edition, and Downstairs (old) Gateway, using Win ME.  I use a Wireless Linksys router w/ an adapter for downstairs to connect the two.  I also purchased Win XP Home upgrade, which is supposed to change the downstairs’ Win ME into Win XP Home.  I had many problems and it was suggested that I do a clean install of Win XP.  So, by using the Upgrade XP CD, I tried to get rid of Win ME on the downstairs, and install only XP.  The end result was, for reasons I'm still not sure:  First, I had to reinstall my router adapter downstairs, because XP wouldn't detect it, then, after installation, my wireless router kept kicking off line about every minute I'd lose the connection.  After frustration, I then re-installed Win Me by the Restoration disks (specifically disk #2) of the three disks.  Now, I have no sound or I detect slight sound in the background that's a carry over from XP.  Why would that be happening when ME does, I thought, a completer format of the hard drive?  Anyway, can someone help me either get rid of Win Me, and format the C drive, then install XP by the upgrade disk, or, now that I've re-installed ME, find out why I haven't sound, correct it, find out why I was always kicked off line on my wireless router, correct it, and either before all this or after all this, re-install XP's upgrade, and in the end, have my downstairs computer (Gateway), connected wirelessly to my upstairs computer, both using Windows XP Home Edition, SP-2, and my wireless router/adapter combination working well?  

Point here is--

1)  To answer your questions about cleaninstall.  I installed Win XP from the Upgrade disk, rebooted, and XP featured "XP Installation."  I followed that, after done, had re-install wireless adapter, since XP wouldn't detect it, couldn't stay on-line with wireless, even after installing adapter.  Finally, I figured out how to get online, had to connect with right connection for wireless, I had three made, but online, I wasn't able to contact Windows Update to update before installing SP-2.  So--
2) Out of frustration went and re-installed Win ME, thinking I'd get a complete reformat, i.e. a cleaned drive or hard drive, then after reinstallation of ME, I figured to re-install XP upgrade, but now, with ME back on the downstairs, I can't get the sound and there seems to be carry over from XP's setup music or sound (I think), still doesn't or hasn't detected adapter.
3) So this morning I'd planned to go down and re-install adapter on Win Me, with hopes of conecting wireless to upstairs, then updating Me fully (If I can contact Windows Update), then once fully updated on Me, re-install XP's Upgrade, then fully update XP, then go to SP-2.  That's my plan.   Please help.
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