auto replicating or archiving in notes 6

hi, i am constantly receiving every day very big files through email and so my email size is always in threshold most of  the time. And that i am tired of replicating my mail every week. Is there a way how i can automatically archive or replicate a certain folder in my local? or perhaps the person's email to automativally replcate once it arrives in my inbox so i can now immediately delete it?

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R6 has advanced archive settings..

First create a rule which specify size settings as condition and input appropriate size (note this include doc + attachment size).. And move to certain folder (call it oversized mails).., save the rule

And then Click on arhive settings and  goto Settings section.. Click on Add and click on Select Documents.. specify the folder (oversized mails) .. and you can enable size reduction of the mail or delete it completely from the mail db from this same settings dialog.

Once this is enabled, you can see the large mails being transferred to archive and hence reducing the mail file size



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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
There are several options.

A. First I'd like to know if you want these large mails. If you don't want them, then consider them as spam and make a rule to delete them as soon as they arrive. You could even talk to the Administrator to set a rule for you in the system, but it can be done on a personal level as well.

B. You could ask your Administrator to change the mail settings, so that files that are too large are no longer accepted by the server.

C. If you want the mail and you are polite enough to remove them when you're done with it, ask your Administrator to raise the limit for you to some acceptable level.

D. There is indeed automatic archiving, and you can set it up yourself. Click on Actions/Archive/Settings to set up how you want your archiving to be working.

There must be more options, but before we go into that I need to know what you intend to do. If you need more info, do come back!

miyon654Author Commented:
these large emails are sent by one person only, she downloaded these files from oracle and sent it a group of persons including me. I need the file attachement and also the email. What i want is that the email with options like from the name of the person with email exceeding 4mb in size will automatically be archive/repiclated to my local email. I am constantly replicating emails like monthlly before, but when i started receivign huge emails, it like every 5 days it is very frustating that i am receving the mail thresholf warning often although my quota is until 200mb.
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miyon654Author Commented:
hi heman, is your suggetion automatically being actioned?
yes it is acts in conjunction with archiving.. so there is nothing new to design..
miyon654Author Commented:
hi, i'm now in my office. I can see the archive.

Heman, can you pls make your solution in a replicated mail. I just had my mail replicated to show the newly created folder in the mail server. It is now showing in the local replicated mail.
Yes you can..implicitly it will propogate the archive settings to server copy.. but nevermind

Enable local schedule archiving in advanced section of archive settings
I would recommend something very different.  Obviously, you are keeping those files replicated local or arcived, because you need to keep them, you can't just delete them.

So, get the files delivered to a separate mailbox, and set that mailbox to forward you a ilnk to new messages arriving.  That way:

1) The arriving files are not part of your quota to begin with
2) You can more easily manage them -- for example, just setting a purge interval so documents are kept a certain number of days
3) You don't have to invoke any special archiving or replication process

I do have one question -- do you only access a replicated copy of your mail?  Wy?  Is it related to these large files?  Because I don't understand teh need to trigger an immediate replication of these special messages.

If you normally work offline (replicated), and you want to use my suggestion, then you will have to also replicate a copy of the second mail file.  But it is still easier than trying to manage your general mail needs together with these specialized messages.
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