When trying to sync my Win XP offline folders, I get error message "unable to make *.* available offline on \\server\share\folder. Incorrect function.

I have been using Win XP offline folders for quite some time, because I regularly log onto three different servers at different customers' sites to work.

At some point in time, I moved the CSC folder to partition D: (using cachemov.exe) to make sure it got encrypted and backuped safely. That went without any problems.

Some time later I installed Win XP SP2, this seemed to have no effect as well.

Some two weeks later, one customer asked me to de-sync all folders on his server, as he was planning a server reorg. I was not connected at that time, so I simply right-clicked the offline copies of the folders concerned, and de-selected "make available offline".

Ever since then, I have the following error: when trying to sync *any* (on any server, not only on the one described above) my Win XP offline folders, I get error message "unable to make *.* available offline on \\server\share\folder. Incorrect function.

(*.* meaning ANY file I try to synchronise, and \\server\share\folder meaning the exact location of the file concerned)

Does any of you experts have a hint on how to proceed?

Thank you and best regards
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While connected to one of the servers in question, can you use network neighborhood to browse to the folders on the server?

In other words, do all of your network services seem to be working fine other than using offline folders?

Do you have the "Prevent synchronization  when my computer is running on battery power" check box checked (assuming you have the problem on a laptop)?

OPen Syncronization manager and then click setup button to verify, make sure that the last checkbox is NOT checked, then try it once more...most likely not the problem but who knows at this point eh?

To open the Synchronization Manager:

 Select Start, Click All Programs, Click Accessories, and then Click Synchronize. Then click the setup button, this is where you will find the prevent synchronization while using battery power option.

There has been restructuring of network shares and so on and so forth....have you ask the people who are sharing these folders to check their settings and make sure that "manually caching for documents" is selected? As I know that if "automatic caching of documents" is selected you would have to open that file from it's network location first, before caching of it would be allowed?  If the network shares involved have changed that much then maybe it is the cause? Couldn't hurt to ask someone who has control of one of the fiels you are trying to cache/open...

Could your CSC be corrupted? You may want to peak at this article, which describes how to re-initialize the CSC, a process which involves losing all your data so be careful if you decide to go with it. You have to be able to retreive your data from some other PC besides your own if you decide to go this route. I hope no one messed with these files directly becasue if so, according to MS it may have completely broken offline functionality, requiring a re-install of the OS.

You may or may not need these instructions:

To view a list of all of the shared network files that are available offline

1.On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.

2.On the Offline Files tab, click View Files.

The rest, found at following MS link is dangerous, you will lose all data for sure if you proceed with it, it's sorta like re-installing windows on a freshly formatted partition, only for offline folders alone.





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I forgot something:

While connected to one of the servers in question, can you use network neighborhood to browse to the folders on the server? AND--open/modify/save a file successfully? Create yuor own file on the server?

If you cannot do any of these things, contact the administrator to set the permissions correctly.

zuegersAuthor Commented:

Thank you very much for your tremendous effort. As I have made 2nd copies of all my offline data, I straight went for rebuilding the CSC by using Ctrl+Shift+Delete Files in Folder Options/Offline Files.

So far, I was able to manage to sync all needed files from my server at home.

I will be at the customer's site (the one I - obviously - falsely believed started the trouble) tomorrow and will check if it works as well.

This just as a little feedback.

Thank you very much
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Glad you have SOME resolutionj anyway. We wait now, to see if the problem is resolved or simply half-fixed...good luck!

zuegersAuthor Commented:
Jatcan, rebuilding the CSC was the one thing to do. Thank you very much for your help.
Glad your back in business, thank you for the grade.

Best Regards,

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