I want to do a program it will write what i say

Hi Friend,
I'm handicapped and i can't use my hands very well. of course can't use the keyboard.
I want  to do a program it will write what i say.
what can i do about this?
if i can all handicapped use it free like me.
if you help me i will be very glad.

this isn't a point question
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You say you can't use your hands very well.  I used to know a man who had tremendous difficulty in typing due to a debilitating injury in childhood.  He used a Microwriter to quickly transfer his thoughts to a standard pc.  (He was a University Professor).  The Microwriter is a device that is shaped liked the hand and has five buttons.  Very little pressure is needed to actuate the buttons, the hand itself is not moved at all to operate the device.  Pressing the buttons in different sequences gave complete access to the standard keys on a keyboard - the combinations were constructed in a way that made them memorable.  A good thing about the Microwriter is its ability to be unplugged and used whilst out and about.  There's an LCD at the top of the device which shows what's being typed.  When docking it back up to the pc you can transfer stuff onto the pc.  The trouble is, I don't know if this device is still manufactured.  

I've got to dash off now, will revisit your question again...

...back again.

Apparently the Microwriter is defunct, however, have a look at...


Unfortunately, the device does not seem to have a place to properly rest one's hand, but it looks as if adaptation could be possible.  The unit is cordless which is an advantage, but as it uses Infrared, the sensor and pad need to be pointing directly at each other.

If you really want voice to text, there are various programs such as ViaVoice, but the technology is still not quite there imho.  They also need a relatively high spec pc and a compatible microphone and soundcard.
dragon dictate and other dictation (speech-to-text) utilities may be your best solution.

Also look into the Accessibility group of Windows settings/applications in your Accessories menu.
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This sort of thing is really complicated, and companies who develop speech to text software genereally invest millions of dollars in it.  I think you'd find it outside the realms of the average programmer, and more than likely, out of the scope of Experts Exchange.

Office XP and Windows XP has voice recognition software built in.  Perhaps something like this could help you?

Good luck,

Here is an article on using SAPI for both text-to-speech (the first part) and speech-to-text (the second part):


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The Chant Speechkit (http://www.chant.net/speechkit/default.asp) also comes as a trial version with D8 in the Borland Delphi Partner CD (not sure about D2005).

There are also some good information (including a primer on speech, etc) http://www.o2a.com/dtalk.htm
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I think this is a  very hard problem for me.
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