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Solaris 9 patch 113718-03 withdrawn, but required for application install.

I'm installing some Solaris 9 applications that require patch 113718-03 and will not install otherwise. However, Sun have withdrawn this version and 113718-02 is the only one available from Patch Finder.

Does anyone know where I can download a copy of 113718-03 from to get past my installation problem????

any help much appreciated.

2 Solutions
Perhaps it is included in the Recommended Patches set for Solaris 9?
If a patch has been withdrawn, something was wrong with it and it isn't in the recommended patches.  Sun doesn't withdraw patches lightly - no vendor does.

Sun should fairly quickly get 113718-04 or higher out and your patch dependency for this patch will be met.  Just keep watching Sunsolve for up update on this patch - Sun will release a new version of 113718 or this patch tree could be absorbed into another patch tree.

This doesn't fix the situation you are in but Sun withdrew that patch for some good reason and they won't sit on this issue for long without issuing something to resolve this problem.
Since Sun has withdrawn 113718-03 patch and 113718-02 is the latest one available,
you should contact Sun (via Web/email/phone), or the software vendor, they will help
you out.

PS: There must be a reason for Sun to withdraw 113718-03
melcockAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you inputs so far.  I have raised the issue with the application vendor, who have advise using 02.  I noticed that if this is the only patch that is 'too low', the installation proceeds successfully despite the error. So I'm past the issue for now. I'll wait with bated breath for the 04 version.

Many thanks all that replied.


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