How to monitor click in Internet Explorer

I want to create a dll or exe that monitor Click in Internet Explorer and  decide to navigate the clicked link or abort it. I looking for sample code.


Thanks in advanced
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There's an MFC sample that illustrates that by intercepting the BeforeNavigate2 Event
 - see ("MFCIEEvtSpy")

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what you want is accomplished via Browser Helper Objects (aka BHO). They can be nice helpers like download managers or irritating pests like most spyware programs.

If you write a BHO be sure to inform your users about the nature of its operation.

15seconds  has a tutorial with source code, on the subject. take a look at
Madnik7Author Commented:
Thanks you jkr and alikoank
Both of your solution near my request, but just one problem remain

* MFCIEEvtSpy launch its own Internet Explorer (I don’t need host webcontrol). Hope tell me a way how any instance of IE load it like plugins.
* 040331.htm need to I click the toolbar button too.

I want a sample source like them but all internet explore instance must load it without the need of user click on tool bar.
Wish you help me more
Thanks in advanced
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