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I have got the a small project,  I joined a new company a week ago and realise they are running out of address space.

They are running 192.9.100.* addresses on a subnet. I have recalculated the subnet range the be

I need to implement this with minimum down time. I will not be changing the addresses of the routers, switches or Domain controllers. DHCP is running on the network with some static addresses.

Do I just need to set the new dhcp scope on a new server, then reconfigure the current one? How will I address the routers?

I need to achieve this with minimum down time.

many thanks
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If you've got that many clients have you thought about creating subnets to partition your traffic and using a VLAN switch ?

You could then leave your as it is and create any number of new subnets. Your first would be

on the new subnet you'd configure the VLANs to route between each other, and set the VLAN switch IP as the default gateway for your new subnet.

As long as the switch can act as a DHCP relay agent your existing DHCP server can service all subnets.

See "DHCP: Spanning Multiple Subnets"

A switch of this sort can be found for less than $200.

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Ooops! pressed Submit before I'd finished :-D

I was going to add, read the "Using Superscopes" topic in the help of Microsoft DHCP Server. Here's an excerpt...

Superscopes can resolve certain types of DHCP deployment issues for multinets, including situations in which:

The available address pool for a currently active scope is nearly depleted, and more computers need to be added to the network. The original scope includes the full addressable range for a single IP network of a specified address class. You need to use another IP network range of addresses to extend the address space for the same physical network segment.
kiddkapurcjwAuthor Commented:
I have thought  of this as a possible solution. I just need to a topology map of the network, so i can see the effects this will have with minimum down time
Adding additional segments means there is no down time for existing users, aside from plugging the switch in of course! You can configure off the back of a laptop before you put it in place so it's ready to roll.
kiddkapurcjwAuthor Commented:
ok thanks for your help. Much appreciated
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