Is it OK to include a hyperlink with my emails?

I noticed that if I emailed myself an email with a hyperlink, it was sent with no error, but was never received.

I removed the hyperlink and the email was sent and received with not problems.

It makes me think that there are spam filters that will trap and email with a hyperlink.

If that is the case, should I avoid including an hyperlink to my website in my Outlook signature.

If that is the case, is there a way to represent a website without Outlook considering it to be a hyperlink?
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Hi hertzgordman,

It is ceratinly possible to filter for Hyperlinks, but to be honest, that would be stupid. Many valid emails contain hyperlinks and they wouldn't go through either. Just imagine all those company reps from MArketing and Sales departments ... the filter has to be a bit more intelligent :-)

If you want to trick Outlook, you should send the email in plain text. But clicking on your link wouldn't work anymore.

hertzgordmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks Werner,

So I wonder if the filters look for a relationship between the amount of valid text and the hyperlink, or perhaps the nature of the hyperlink.

The email that seemed to get filtered for me had a lot of characters.  It was much longer than this one, and there was no other text in the email.

If that is the case, then including the hyperlink to my website in the signature line should not be a problem,

I will do some testing and let you know what happens...
did you sent a url you typed in yourself or did you drag and drop a url form IE to Outlook
If the last, you are sending a url file which is blocked by Outlook as supposedly harmful

hertzgordmanAuthor Commented:
Just noticed the comment from Stefri.

In answer to his his question I copied the URL from Outlook.

My concern is more with including a typed URL to my website in my signarture line.

I am worried that Outlook will consider this to be a harmful URL.

If the signature has a url you typed yourself or you include yoursel using Insert/Hyperlink, this should not cause any problem; as far as I know, only url with .url extension are considered harmful

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