Best/easist way to store and access patient information?

I'm new to .net and pretty frustrated...  I want to create a program that allows patient information to be entered at the front desk and then be accessed from another computer in the office to automatically fill in information in a simple billing program.  My problem is where / how to store the data... Should I set up a Access Database and program a front end for it, a random access file system which seems to be frowned upon in .net, or something I don't know about???  If possible an example of how to store the data from textboxes would be of great value to me.
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Personally when I started out I used access quite a lot for similar things but as the database grows the faults start to grow. I did a similar project for private patient billing in a hospital laboratory.

It all really depends on scale... Access is good for small databases but can be clumsy to program. MSDE is a free version of SQL server 2000 (from Microsoft) and gives you the functionality of a full licence of SQL server 2000 but limited to 50 simultanious connections or so (i think). It will also give you the added advantage of being able to use stored procedures whch make programming and maintenance much simpler. You can also upgrade to a full SQL server installation if the need arises without having to change your code at all.

As far as .Net goes the namespace and classes are highly optimised for SQL server making transactions much faster as opposed to being more generic for other data namespaces such as ODBC or OLEdb.

The basic outline is quite simple:

Basic Stored procedures:

* Get_Data (Select statement)
* Write _Data (Insert statement)
* Update_Data (Update statement)
* Delete_Data (Delete Statement)

getting data:
* create a connection to the database
* create a record set to accept your incoming data
* run a stored procedure such as a select statement thereby filling the record set
* close the connection
* populate your textboxes by iterating through the recordset

Write / Update / Delete situations:
* create a connection
* Run appropriate stored procedure
* Close connection

Hope this points you in the right direction... if you want more detail then just ask.

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JGutchesAuthor Commented:
Thank you Biochemist.  I will take a look at SQL server however the database would probably be well within the capabilities of access.  I'm starting my first clinic as a chiropractor and would like to keep overhead low (few staff) with this application.  I will likely seek you advice more as I progress.  Thanks again.  -Jason
Glad to be of help!
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