Fedora Core 2, IPTables, FWBuilder & Teamspeak RC2 Client


I'm hoping someone can help em out here, I've gone thru the Teamspeak forums and everyone says this just works, no changes are required but I beg to differ.....

Here's my situation,  I have a Redhat Fedor C2 system setup as my firewall/NAT to my Cable provider, I'm using IP Tables and configuring them with FWBuilder (nice app & I like it a lot).
I am attempting to get the Teamspeak Clinet working through the above firewall & I'm not having ANY luck at all, the TS forums say it needs nothing special apart from allowing the outbound communication (which is allowed) & thats it but this does not work.

1 strange thing I notcie is that I'm not getting ANY thing blocked at the firewall,  I have ALL rules set for logging, I can see the TS Client on the internal network attempting to connect to the TS server & this is allowed, what I don't see is ANY packet coming back?!?!?!

As a precaution I setup the rules anyway on the specific ports udp 4002 out & udp 4002 in (I even went a little further and opened everything for the TS server I'm trying to get too and still nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas ???

oh btw.. I am NOT running the server, I ONLY want to run the client  (as a test to make sure the client works I loaded a TS server & can connect to it on the local LAN)

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I'm not familiar with the Teamspeak product (although I went to their site to see what it was about) but I'd try
turning off your firewall altogether, then attempt to connection.  If that fails then you have one of two problems:

1) You have a configuration problem with your teamspeak client (and like I said, I don't know enough about TS to know whether that's a possiblity or not;   or
2) Your ISP is filtering that from you.

If you are able to connect then you know it's a firewall configuration issue.


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PaulGibsonAuthor Commented:
Hi blkline,

Thanks for the response.

I doubt its a client config issue as I have run up a TS Server on the LAN and can connect to it with out an issue, its going to take me some time to test without the firewall as its a pretty key compnent to the entire network & is no where near a PC that is capable of running the TS client.

PaulGibsonAuthor Commented:
Turns out my isp is filtering >:(
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