How exactly do you convert a binary representation to its ASCII equivalent in assembly?

hello, i need some basic help. i'm trying to convert some binary numbers to decimal.  
i'm starting off with an array, and am trying to output each integer in the array, first its binary representation (which i'm not having trouble with), then its decimal
equivalent which has me scratching my head. i know i need to convert  the binary to ASCII but don't know how to do that. does anyone have any suggestions?

                      myArray dw 41,385,32767,256,1,600,7890,4096,3456,128,0,64

.code               ; start of code segment
main   proc          ; start procedure main
   mov   ax,seg myArray     ; mov to ax the segment address of 'myArray'
   mov   ds,ax          ; we now know where data is located in memory

; i have no problemt outputting the binary and realize i can just loop through the array with this code
   mov ah, 9
   mov dx, offset headerLine
   int 21h

   mov si, myArray + 0
   mov cx, 16
   mov ah, 2

     shl si, 1
     jc output1
     mov dl, '0'
     int 21h
     jmp nextStep

     mov dl, '1'
     int 21h

     loop output0
     mov ah, 6
     mov dl, 09h
     int 21h
; now i can't figure out how to turn the binary into ASCII
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Do you know how to convert on paper? If I gave the number 1010 binary could you convert this to ascii in decimal?

Are you having trouble translating the problem to assembly or do you not know how to write the steps down on paper?
How about

    number = value to be displayed
        digit = number mod 10 + '0'
        number = number div 10
        add digit to buffer
    while number > 0
    display buffer backwards

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