Problem with Norton Antivirus Corporate 8.0

Hi there,
I couldn't find a specific topic area for this, so I tried this related TA.
I have installed Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 8.0 on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server, which is our Domain Controller and DNS.
I have installed the client antivirus program from the same CD on my 6 client machines, and during the installation I selected them to be installed as "managed" computers, so that I only need to upgrade server's virus definitions, and the whole system can work excellently now.
The only little thing: My server has a weekly scan schedule (Every Saturday 12:00 AM) which is not of my interest. This schedule was there when I installed the server antivirus program, and now I want to change to another day, another time. But there is a lock icon appearing to its left, and I can not delete it or edit it. I looked at the help of the program, and it said I have to use some console to edit it, while I can not find a console that I know of!
I will upload an image somewhere to let you see the current state.
Any help is highly appreciated
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hujiAuthor Commented:
Dear geordim. You are wrong about what I need. What you sent is about disabling a user from modifying "offline page" schedule in "Internet Explorer". I am speaking about a user banned from modifying "virus scan" schedule in "Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 8.0".
Thanks for trying to help
hujiAuthor Commented:
The locked scan in the schedule list of antivirus program:
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I think your problem is because you are looking in the wrong place.  You need to look somewhere else:

To schedule a scan for a server group
1. In the Symantec System Center console, do one of the following:
In the console tree, click System Hierarchy. In the right pane, Shift+click
or Ctrl+click to select multiple server groups, then right-click the
selection. Right-click a server group. Right-click a server.
2. Click All Tasks > Symantec AntiVirus > Scheduled Scans.
3. In the Scheduled Scans dialog box, on the Server Group Scans tab, click New.

The rest is obvious!


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On the Domain Controller where you installed it you need to open the Symantec System Centre Console (SSC).

Start Menu>Programs>Symantec System Center Console>Symantec System Center Console

Expand Symantec System Center>System Hierarchy,

Expand the server group. If it's locked you will need to enter the password by right-clicking the Group Name and choosing "Unlock Server Group".

Choose your server, right-click then choose

All Tasks>Symantec AntiVirus>Scheduled Scans

for server schedules select the "Server Scans" tab,
for client schedules select the "Client Scans" tab,

select the scan you want to edit and press the "Edit..." button.

hujiAuthor Commented:
Excellent answers! But the only MAIN problem is that I don't have Symantec System Center Consloe in my start menu items! Where should I find it? Which program should I run instead?
Thanks a lot
hujiAuthor Commented:
Well I have such a folder on my machine:
E:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SSC
but there is no executable file inside this folder.
Can you please upload the shortcut to that file on your own machine somwhere, and let me download it and modify it to meet my needs?
The shortcut is:

Name: Symantec System Center Console

Target: C:\WINNT\system32\mmc.exe /s "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec System Center\Symantec System Center.msc"

Start In: "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec System Center\"

It sounds to me like you should reinstall Symantec AntiVirus if these key parts are missing. You can't be confident its doing its job if you can't manage it and it might not be installed correctly.

If you had it installed this way you can use Client Piush to automatically install it on new workstations, saving you going round with the CD.
Make sure you have enough privledges to change the system settings.  :o)
hujiAuthor Commented:
Damn it! The MSC file is missing! Seems that the server antivirus is not installed correctly, but, I am sure I just clicked on Install Antivirus Server thing, and followed all the links, not costumizing installation....
Thus, I need to reinstall it. I will do so today, and tell you the results....... perhaps by awarding you with points!
And for now, all I have to say is the "antivirus" part of the program is working correctly!
hujiAuthor Commented:
Well, not a reinstall was needed. Actually I had to install Security Center from "Administration Tools" from the installation CD.
Anyways it was a greate help to me by you, and thus I am going to give you an A for this.
Many thanks. I'm just glad you got it sorted... nothing worse than a partial fix and being left not quite sure if everything is as it should be.

Well done.
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