Counter-Strike Source Framerates

I purchased Counter-Strike Source and started to play it with every graphics tweak as high as possible. i have a pentium 4 2.4 ghz, radion 9700 pro, and 1gb of system memory. I was getting lower fps than my friend who has a pentium 4 2.6 ghz a geforce 440 128mb and 128 mb of system memory. I lowered my settings to see if that was the problem but i still, with everything as low as possible, get around 30 fps while my friend gets over 90 fps at all times. This is distressing me because i am unable to play well due to frame lag when in combat and i do not understand why i cannot get my frames to go any higher even with lowered graphical quality settings. How can i get my frames to go up and why is this happening with me and not my friend.
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I take it your sure your lag is being caused by your 'local' setup, and not by the internet connection you have. Verify that by creating a local game and checking your performance then.
slasher400Author Commented:
I am not refering to lag as in latency it am talking about "lag" in the sense of the choppyness you get due to a low frame rate.
Make sure you have the latest video drivers.  Make sure that your video card is running in true AGP mode not PCI mode. Is this a home built PC or a store bought Dell or somthing?  Also, make sure that you do not have AntiAlisising on or Antistropic Filtering.  Make sure your friend does not have these on.  If he doesnt have them on, but you do, that is why it is slowing down.

Here is the link for the AIT drivers:

New ones came out about a week ago.
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A nice suggestion is to bring up the console and type in max_fps 72 as this will maximize your framerate and increase performance. Setting it higher has no effect and setting it to 0 is the same as 72.
Default settings are maximized to 44 if I remember correctly.
slasher400Author Commented:
I have the fps max set to 300, would setting this lower make my frames per second go up?
I shouldnt think so, as Bjorn states above 72 gives no effect
can you get higher frame rates in other games ? if not then it may be worth running the directX test program - but i cant remember where to find it - its something like dxdialog into start run .... you will be able to see if you have a defective video card or not.

a couple of more general points
> ensure that you have nothing uneccessary running before loading the game, go start>run> msconfig > goto startup and untick anything you dont need
> disenable virus scanning and firewall to see if thats the problem ... firewalls although essential can slow down net games :(
> check your sound card drivers - sound cards have strange effects if they go wrong !

actually, thats a good point, put the sound settings on software settings only, see if that makes a difference(eg not eax) I think the base setting is miles.
Did you set the Video mode to OpenGL, 1024x768 (or 800x600), 32-bit color ?

Did you set the option to High Performance in your video card settings ? -> Desktop properties (Display properties) -> Settings -> Advanced -> OpenGL -> Performance or High Performance.

Remember to install the lastest video driver from

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Thanx for the points but why grade B ?
Try lowering your "Decal Limit", decals are the little details in the game like bullet holes and blood splatters. You'll find these settings under the advanced tab in the options screen.
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