they stole internet from me :'(


i have a problem .. some people connect their cables on my Hubs and assign for them my IP's ...
i want a way to prevent others stole me ..
i heard that DHCP... can by "Reservaion" prevent any device to take the IP .. only the right MAC can ! ?
but this failed with me ..!!!  

is there a way .. or a program .. which give internet (i am using ISA Server) only to a determined MAC address ?
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Hi 3ezz,
Please can you give some more background.
How can they connect to your hubs if they dont have permission. There should be physical security stopping this.
Cut them off and better protect your hub.
3ezzAuthor Commented:
i can't do this !! ... because the Hub in public places ..
and some others subscribers .. who have one account .. they have hubs and tries IP's .. they gor internet !! ..

i think the only solution is to have restrict internet only according to the MAC address !!! ..
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Can you explain exactly what you are trying to do and then we can advise on possible solutions.
Restriction per MAC isn't a solution, because they can change MAC to yours (it's quite easy).
Hi 3ezz.

I'm not sure if I understood your question correctly.

So i wanna check i understood your problem;
 other people hook up to your HUB highjack your IP and go online with it.

Did i get that right ?

Now let's talk about your goal.
What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Do you wanna kick theese guys completly off the HUB/Network
Or is it just about restricting internet acess to your IP only ?

But before I (or anyone else) can help you you should provide us with more Information about your Network.

I'd like to now the following things:

1.How are IP Adresses managed on the there a DHCP and if yes do you have enough priviliges to change settings on that device?

2.How is Internet Acess managed?
Is there a Gateway (i suppose it's the ISA ?) and is there a way to connect to the net without having to pass the ISA ?
So you have administration privilige on the ISA ?

I know the ISA lets you restrict almost everything regarding Internet such as for example only allowing certain mac adresses access.

With best Regards. Ancient
A hub cannot provide reservation IP. Also, if you set the server to use reservation, the attacker may take the IP using 'force' by configure it as a static IP thus giving you headache. You CAN block access using the ISA server through adding rule to block MAC address, ruther than IP addres (Till they will find a way to spoof that address). This can be done using a utility called 'SurfControl' which allows you to 'filter' all those users trying to get the network.

SurfControl software (Great add-on to the ISA server):

Good luck


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if they have physical access to the hub, you cannot protect anything, except you use your own proprietary protocol (without IP or MAC)
3ezzAuthor Commented:
thank you all ..
special thanks to Cyber
Thanks, enjoy blocking... hehehe

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