Need software to record usage


I'm looking for software that records the start-up time and shutdown time and then save in text file something like this

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you can use 'bootvis' which records your start up time and can save it in a file for you and helps you analyse what is taking how much time to start. Earlier it was available with microsoft but they have discontinued it. you can still get it here:
I am not sure which software will be able to record your shut down time.
If you go to: Start>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Administrative Tools>>Event Viewer

it has an error log, with times.  Not sure if that helps...

hey nut lazy
you dont really need a software to record system event, unless you want to.
im assuming that u are running windows xp which comes with a built in software called event viewer that not only keeps track of system event but also application, and security.
to keep tracks of startup/shutdown event, u first need to turn on audting for system event under group policies in mmc (microsoft managment console ) to do so follow these instruction:

click on start | run | type in "mmc" | file | add or remove snap in | click on add | select group policies | click add agian | you want it on your local machine so click finish | ok everything and go back to mmc .
in the mmc click on local group policy | Computer configuration | windows configuration | security setting | local policies | audit policy.
once ur in audit policy, right click on "Audit system events" and select propeties, select whether u want to audit successful or unsuccessful event.
okai every thing , its gonna ask u to save the mmc ( its up to u )

to view the start up/ shutdown logs you need to open up Event view under administration tool. how to get there?
start | conrtol panel | Administration tool | event veiwer | system

in the task pane it will give u a whole list of event that happned to ur computer, u can use the filter option to clear our unwanted events.

have fun :)
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Don't know how much tracking you really want and what for, because the question is not complete enough but we use. for all our tracking needs.  This won't store it to a txt file but to a database that you can export and then to a text file you would like.
hey i also found several software that could be useful to track system event:
the 5th one "Cool info xp 4.0" seems to be a good one that would fit your needs

also check out

Hi nut_lazy :-),
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nut_lazyAuthor Commented:
Sorry for my late, and thanks for every comments
I've tried almost of adviced software but they seem not the one I'm looking for

For example, System Analyzer -- it does show only about the system informations but I cannot find the system startup and shutdown time

And about Microsoft Bootvis, it's Performance Analysis Tool. I cannot find the startup and shutdown time either with this one

Anyway, I'm quite glad with comment from namelex about using the Event viewer. But what I'm looking for is the software to record the system startup and shutdown even with user-friendly interface

I was wondering if you could help me find something like that

If you need more information, just ask

Thank you verymuch!

(and sorry for my English :p )

I'm not quite sure I understand.  Why doesn't the event log work for you?  What are you trying to do?

Right click System -> new log view -> Hit F2 -> Name it logon times -> Right click -> Filter -> Event Source = eventolog -> Event ID = 6005

Right click System -> new log view -> Hit F2 -> Name it shutdown times -> Right click -> Filter -> Event Source = eventolog -> Event ID = 6006

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