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Problems With FTP

I appear to be having problems with using ftp.

I have got two servers that I need to ftp files to and two computers that I use from home. Whenever I try to upload a batch of files then it always seems to stop half way through, it will send some files and then just fail. However, my business partner working from his home is able to upload files to the same server with no problems.

This problem has only appeared since I upgraded my system at home to use wireless networking.

Can anyone suggest where I should start looking as it is driving me mad.

Thanks for the help

Richard G Hurley
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You mentioned this Problem came up only after "upgrading" to wireless LAN. have you tried what happens if you connect by cable ?
if the problem no longer occurs we now it's gotta have something to do with the wireless equipment.
How is the avarage wireless signal strenght you get ?
And have you tried a other ftp program yet to make sure that your ftp prog is not causing the Problem?
RICHARDHAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment.

I no longer have the cable connection so that is not an option any more.
The signal strength with the Wireless is very good so I do not think that is the problem.
Yes I have tried another application. Have used Cute ftp and Wsftp and the same probllem occus with both.

Thanks for the help.

Trough what do you connect to the Internet ?

Router or something else.
and if so is your router alow your wireless acess point.

because if your router is your acess point i guess you had a other router before.

which makes it possible that the Problem is not the Wireless lan itself but the Router may have to be reconfigured.

i myself had to xchange my network equiment several times before i found a wireless router which causes absolutely no problems. (the most of theese things tend to be really really buggy unfortunatly).

With Best Regards Ancient
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RICHARDHAuthor Commented:

I am using a Wireless ADSL router/Modem. This is used to connect to the internet and is also my Access point. The computers, which are in another room simply have the cards to enable me to connect wirelessly to the router/Modem.

I hope this gives you something to go by.


ok i'd like you to try something if possible.

set up a little ftp server on one of your pc's (Serv-U 4 example).
(If you can't do it by yourself i will be glad to help you)

and then trie sending some data to it just as if it were the office maschine i'd like to find out if the problem occurs only on WAN connections or LAN to.
RICHARDHAuthor Commented:
OK Experiment completed.

I set up an ftp server on the wireless lan from one machine to the other and it worked perfectly.

I then used the same application to send the same data to the remote server and it failed.

Any idea.

ok so theres a problem with the routing from and into the LAN:

have you activated any security features (firewalls etc) on your router ?

try disabling firewall for test purposes and  open ports20,21 (UDP/TC in and outgoing).

by the way which transfer mode do you use ?
active or passive ?

cause it could be that the remote server doesnt like passiv so you have to switch to active.
but active requires ports 20,21 open afaik.

with best regards AO

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