Assembly question: About displaying even nos

I need to enter 10 positive integers and display only the even nos from the 10 nos entered.
I cant use .IF,.WHILE,.REPEAT directives
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So what is the problem ? Please post your code that doesn't work.
RandafernsAuthor Commented:
I was wondering if anyone could help i just cant do it..i mean taking the integers in is this is alli could new to assembly

TITLE Even nos       (Evennos.asm)


prompt BYTE "Enter 10 positive integers: ",0
buffer  BYTE 50 dup(0)

main PROC
; listing the evens nos from the postive integers added.:
; Ask the user to input 10 postive integers:
      call Clrscr                    ; clear screen
      mov  edx,OFFSET prompt            ; "Enter 10 postive integers: "
      call WriteString

main ENDP
END main

It is against E-E policy to do homeworks for students. However, there is no any reason not to help you to find the solution.
So what is the problem ?
You do not understand the algorithm how to check if number is even ?
The simplest way in assembler to 'and' it with 01h and to check if the result is 0 or 1. In case of 1 the number is odd...
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RandafernsAuthor Commented:
well..thanks dimitry..
obviously was not expecting the entire thing..just needed help with the algorithm
i have a basic idea that i can use compare to MOD 2 and check..but if u could help me out a bit with the algorithm, it would be really nice..

Usually in C people are doing:
if( (num % 2) == 0 )
  printf("Even number: %d\n",num);

However, % - MOD operation is VERY heavy and in case of '% 2' is obsolete.
You need to do:
if( (num & 0x1) == 0 )
  printf("Even number: %d\n",num);

Why it is Ok ?
In binary presentation even number will be like 'bbbbbbbbb....bbb0' and odd will be 'bbbbbbbbb...bbb1'.
So checking last bit for 1 gives you ability to distinguish between even and odd number.
Now, in x86 assembler there is test command that will do 'and' without changing the number itself.

So assuming that 'si' contains pointer to array element then you need to do:
  tst [si], 01h
  jnz oddNum
  ... print .. [si] number

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RandafernsAuthor Commented:
Hi dimitry
thanks that was really helpful..
I'll use the test instruction and check
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