How to use 2 Wireless Mice on 1 Computer

I have a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse and a Logitech MX 700 mouse.  My question is, is it possible to use the both the Intellipoint Software and Mouseware software on one computer?  So far I haven't had any luck, is this just a lost cause or is there a possible workaround.  

For clarification, the reason I want to use both software programs is because neither one will allow me to configure the buttons for both mice.
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i think that if you used usb wireless mice from microsoft or logitech that were multi channel devices

That may work

Or you may have to go down the kvm switch route and just plug the mouse receiver into the kvm leave the keyboard and monitor attached to the pc

in fact thinking about it it would have to be a manual serial switch box with wireless (serial) mouse
sorry I didn't read your post properly

I don't think what your trying will work as you couldn't say attach the bluetooth mouse to one application and the usb mouse to the other

what actaully happens when both mice are attached to your pc
Well.....I`m not sure that what IanTh is saying is true.
I think that when both mice are connected and detected, there shouldn`t be any problem with installing both programs.....each mouse has it`s own property no reason they can`t have diff settings.

Try installing both programs after both mice are connected and installed.
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ive just tried with a ps2 mouse and a serial mouse and the serial mouse conflicted with the ps2 mouse so I doubt it'll work with bluetooth and usb as well

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normally u wud get a conflict if u try to attach 2 or more mice simultaneously. Windows and other OSes are designed to handle one such device only as U cannot have to Mouse cursors on ur screen at the same time... and which click to obey.... it will drive the OS crazy.

So, attach only one mouse at a time and load the driver that came with that mouse and set the properties as required. It wud work fine. If u want to switch mouse.. then unplug the old mouse n  plug the new one and install all the relevant drivers/software like mouseware.

Rest, if u dont install any driver, Windows will load a default driver with default properties.

Hope this helps.

ahh....don`t think thats true.
How does it work on laptops? Both the external mouse and the touch pad work at the same time.
SHLStechAuthor Commented:
Well it looks like Intellipoint (Microsoft) and MouseManager (Logitech) don't like to work together.  Looks like I'm out of luck on this one, thanks everyone for the help.
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