IE Stops responding after a few minutes

IE 5.5 on a Win98SE p166. Machine is on a network behind a gnatbox lite firewall. Another similar machine on same network works fine. After machine is rebooted browsing is fine for about 10 mins then browser seems able to resolve names to ip addresses in the bottom bar but web pages are not loaded. Adware checks and antivirus scans show nothing. There are some internal network oddities in that when problem happens files cannot be saved to a network drive from an application and yet can be copied to the drive with Windows explorer.

I have seen this problem posted before with a solution of re-installing networking. I can do this but was hoping to understand what is wrong.
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There's an open question about this same condition at:
Perhaps some of the issues raised might be a start in diagnosing the problem.

Check them out and see if any are applicable, and we can take things from there.
Paul_LAuthor Commented:
I have now found the solution. Did not relate to the above link but I have put several postings there.

The clue was to run netstat when the machine was freshly rebooted and then again when the fault manifested. I could see that when I tried to go to a web site and it worked the entry would be something like this ('celine' is the machine name):

 TCP    celine:1046           ESTABLISHED

and when the fault occurred:

TCP    celine:1137        SYN_SENT

I looked up the tcp protocols and discovered that SYN_SENT meant that IE was wating for a reply it never got from the remote server. This is the behavior you can get with a firewall and yet I did not have a firewall on the machine because I had uninstalled Zone Alarm. At least I thought I had.

I went to the Zone Labs site and found the manual uninstall instructions:

On following these I discovered that the registry key mentioned was still present on 'celine' as was the file vsdata95.exe. Deleting these as per the intructions solved the problem. The machine is now back on-line.

Looking at the Zone Labs forums failure to uninstall properly is pretty common as is the symptom I have had.

Glad you resolved this issue, Paul.

What you should do now is post a zero-points question in stating that you have resolved the problem yourself, and ask the administrative staff to "close the question WITH a refund of question points".

Add a title like "Self Solution - Plaese close and refund", and quote the url to THIS question.

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Closed, 250 points refunded.

Thanks  BillDL!

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Paul, I hope you didn't copy and paste my "title" as shown above, or they'll think you can't type either ;-)
Paul_LAuthor Commented:
Do not worry - I spell check everything. I've got to that age where it is hard to type a line without getting characters inverted. One of my colleagues insists it is a right/left hand issue with one hand getting ahead of the other, although that does not explain 'a' and 'e' does it?
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