Responding to a listBox double-click

I assume I'm just overlooking something obvious.  I'd like to override the event which fires as a result of the user double-clicking on an item in a listbox.

Thanks for the help.

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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:

  Here's a simple example to create new ListBox control named MyListBox, and I override the doubleclick event so it show messagebox each time you double click on it,

then add it to Toolbox, and it will be new control with your new implementation of DoublClick

using System;
      public class MyListBox:System.Windows.Forms.ListBox
            protected override void OnDoubleClick(System.EventArgs e)  
                  // add your code here
                  System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("My Double click");



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As mnasman said, If you want to override a methord in a class which is virtual, then you must drive a class from that and override that method. The purpose of this is in this concept is that, if you are going to develop a custom control or something you can do that. There are lot of examples on the web for custom listbox controls. If you weant more information, let me know.

ba272Author Commented:
Thanks Chester,

But it turns out the first event listed in the Action section of the events window (associated with the Properties window) is DoubleClick.  All I needed to do was double click it and it generated the event for me.  But I like his approach and may try it with other things as well.

Thanks for asking.

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