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Displaying progress during execution

Hi, I have a small app that updates a bunch of database records. The problem is that this process takes a long time and I'd like to display a simple textbox to show the current percentage complete.

At the moment, I update this textbox in the method that is executing, then call 'this.Invalidate()' then 'this.Refresh()' and it seems to work. Problem I have is when the app is resized or loses focus or whatever, it stops updating. What is the correct way to implement this type of scenario?
1 Solution
Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Are u trying to refresh  the textBox on a different thread.
If yes then use Invoke method of ur form to refresh.
As refreshing from other threads is a problem.

e.g. from ur thread use this code

// Define the delegate
delegate void delCallRefresh(object pObject);

// From ur thread use these lines of code
int percentage = 10;
object[] objArray ={percentage};
// here this is reference to ur form
this.Invoke(  new delCallRefresh(this.RefreshTextBox),objArray);

// Define this method in form and refresh the textbox in this method
private void RefreshTextBox(object pObject)
      int percentage = (int)pObject;
      textBox1.Text = percentage.ToString();

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