Windows Runs Very Slow after Recovering from Stop 0A

Aftet installing the driver for an HP 5100c on Windows 2000 Pro (which failed part way thru install), got a stop 0x0000000a.  Found Microsoft article 315377 (formerly Q315377) which advised to start in safe mode and remove HP RecisionScan.  

The uninstall ran suspiciously quickly, and on restart still got stop 0A.

The fallback in 315377 was to manually rename EPSTW2K.sys using Recovery Console (I actually did it in Safe mode, command prompt) after which W2k booted without STOP 0a.  

I thought all was going to be ok, but that first boot took a long, long time to complete and so has EVERYTHING since.  When I say slow I mean that in a command prompt it takes about 10 seconds to echo each character to the screen.  Everything seems to run, but 99% of all CPU time goes to this system process.  Safe mode has the same problem.

Suspecting the HP driver files, I checked HP's site and based on their driver removal info renamed all files starting with hpsc* or hpsj*
No improvement.

Using process explorer and other tools found that the time is all spent in thread 7 of the system process but this doesnt seem to be a separate driver file.  Spent much time tying to find a driver culprit but so far to no avail.

In regedit searched for references to epstw2k but have found one in an MRU entry (not a likely candidate) and is still searching (will probably take overnight)

User has no current emergency disk so I have not tried a recovery yet.  

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paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
It appears that you have given a thorough treatment to your computer, and still it will not buzz.

How about repair installation of W2K ?

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This has happened to me a few times with print drivers and vga card drivers, and as you know it is extremely frustrating!  What I would do is perform a repair on your current installation as paraghs has suggested.  If that does not solve your problem, reinstall SP4.  Reinstalling service packs has helped me to resolve hundreds of issues over the years as they typically repair damaged files.  It does not work all the time, but more often that not.  If all of the above fails, you may want to just re-image the machine. Please post your results.  Good Luck!
tsowardAuthor Commented:
THanks to you both --

I tried to do valicaons sp4 reinstall first and think it would likely have worked but I killed it after 12 hours of execution (it was still calculating the available space -- i told u it was running slooow) and switched to the repair that I had considered already but preferred not to risk without the repair disk.  Instead I imaged the HDD to give myself a way out and then ran the repair, which worked, followed of course with the SP4 reinstall.  

I sure would like to know a pinpoint type of solution to these things rather than a broad brush but thats the way things go.  Oh, i created the user's emergency disk for him for next time.  Thanks both of u, the end user will be very grateful, as am I

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