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cancatinating numbers using ascii representation

i dont know if this should be on another question but the encyption is based on the ascii representation  
Like A is 95
i figgure that i can mod 95 and get 5 returned add 7 to it mod by 10 and get a result

then take 95 aggain and divide it by 10 and get  9 and add 7 to it mod 10 and get a result  

then i need to cancatinate these together

am i going to have problems with the types do i need to cast between these and what do i need to make them to be able to cancatinate.

Also is it just going to recognise the ascci character as 95 or do i have to somethin for it to
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I have no idea what you are trying to do here.

Perhaps a clearer explaination of the problem and the proposed solution might help?



tedschniedersAuthor Commented:
sorry bout that

i am trying to encyprt words passed into a function based on the scheme
word: ANT

charater A
ascii 95

9 + 7 mod 10 = 6
5 + 7 mod 10 = 2

encrypted charater
is >

character N
ascii 78

7 + 7 mod 10 = 4
8 + 7 mod 10 = 5

encypted character
is -

character T
ascii 84

8 + 7 mod 10 = 5
4 + 7 mod 10 = 1

encypter character 3

so ANT would = >-3

well the words passed in are going to be strings  like on the example T how do i cancatinate my resultes 5 and 1 together and get that character representaion do i have to cast  so i can cancatinate

hopefully thats more clear

Jaime OlivaresCommented:
thanks, i have followed in other thread.

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