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Is there a generic driver for a pci modem? I do not knpw the brand

Is there a generic driver for a pci modem? I do not know the brand it is a 56kbs
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Try this - it might be able to determine the modem for you.

If not, look over the modem and see if there are any identifying marks - including an FCC ID
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I think the answer maybe no, that is most pci modems cannot use generic drivers because they are sotware based and need the use of a setup/install program to create a non-standard com port.

A search for the chip number + driver often finds suitable results eg 'sm56 driver'; you might have to peel off a sticky label to get to it (make a record of whats on the label first.

post what numbers you have on the chip and/or barcode label and we might be able to get you on the right path for a driver

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Go to http://modem-drivers.com/ and download a driver from either Rockwell or US Robotics which normally supports any type of software modem.

Try this: (I do it always this way in such situations)

1. Turn off the PC
2. Open the PC Case.
3. Unscrew/take out the modem from its PCI slot - so you will be able to see the embedded chips and what is written on them

a) Try to find the brand/model name/number on the board itself - its sometimes written in white/yellow script.
b)On most of the modems (which are Winmodems) there is 1 big chip - please write down all the writings that are writtien on it.

When you are done inspecting all the marks on the modem - open Google and enter the strings one by one into the search and look for a driver.

How you do that:

1. At first just enter the string you have found - this will probably give you the Brand of the modem (Connexant, Rockwell (old name of Connexant), SmartLink, Motorola, etc.)
2. Sometimes you will also be able to find the exact model by such search.
Another option could be that many modem manufacturers that use same chip but the drivers differ.

At the end when you have finished with getting the name and the model - look in the google for:

"brand and model name" driver for Windows ... (here say what Windows you have).

Good Luck.
In case u need some more guidance/help - just post the strings (writings that you have found on the modem) here and I will help you finding them.

if u have a generic HCF modem, then u r in for luck. u can get try the generic HCF modem driver and it did work with me on my old PC.

try http://www.modemsite.com/56k/hcf7.asp

to get the driver for ur HCF modem. Otherwise as stated in other post, unplug the modem, read the chip and search on it. I am sure u r not the only buyer for this unnamed piece of hardware.

Gud luck.

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