Adding old hard drives to a new system

Hi. I am planning to build a new computer system, Windows XP. I will buy, among other things, a new hard drive. Will I be able to just plug in the two old hard drives as slaves? I need the old HD for back up and also for all the pictures and music in them. Trouble is, one of these old HD will have Windows XP too...
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Yes you can hold old harddrives aswell as the new one but if you wish to use your new one as a booting drive and wants to run windows XP from that new drive than make it primary master and configure your bios to boot from IDE-0.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I would just suggest NOT plugging the other two drives in until after you have XP installed.  This way you reduce the risk of accidentally formatting one of the old drives and loosing your data.
quevedosAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much.
I just started  my subscription to this great pleace today. I have had no time to read about the point system. Was 50 points ok? If I get unlimited poitns with my subscription, why not just give 200???
Thanks again
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Computers today boot from the Primary Master Drive. If the drive you have Windows XP
on is set as a slave drive, the computer will not boot from the slave drive. If you want to
boot sometimes from that Windows XP install, and your new Windows XP install you can
dual boot the comptuer.
-Good Lucks!
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Not entirely true TechSupport101 - Some computers' BIOS allows for booting off other IDE hard drives.  
agree with leew,
techsupport these days you will see option like first boot device second boot device n third boot device
if you set your first boot device to ide-1 instead of ide-0 it will boot from second available hdd (no matter if it's primary slave secondary slave or secondary master)
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