Needing Tips for Installing 168 Pin SDRAM

Hi Everyone:

      I am getting ready to install some 168 pin SDRAM into a friend's pc.  I noticed at the bottom of each RAM stick the pins are numbered.  With that point in mind, how do I know which side of the memory bank to place pin 1 into the slot?  And, secondly, I have two different memory sticks with two different amounts of RAM.  Should I place the lower of the two in the first memory bank?  For instance, I have a 32 and a 64, should I place the 32 MB RAM stick in first or the 64MB RAM stick?

      Any suggestions will be welcomed.

      Thank you

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Slots will typically be numbered either 0-3 or 1-4 (if you have 4 slots - some systems may have 2 or 3 or even just one).  I would put the 64 in first, but overall, the performace difference - IF any - will by unnoticeably to all but the most INTENSE users.  And even then...

You can only put the chip in one way - there's a notch - possibly two - that will only allow the chip to sit one way in the slot, so you don't have to worry about that.

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Hi GMartin,

in the ram you will see two cut with different gaps (one smaller and the other one little longer than the first one) the same gaps are on the board (ram slot) match the smaller one on ram with smaller one on board and push lightly will fit the RAM into your board.
secondly, it's a good idea to put fast RAM first than slower so you may wish to put 64MB on slot 1.

(I m not a hardware expert and these are just my own opinion someone please correct me if I am wrong)
Hello GMartin!

        SDRAM only installed in one way, you should see some slot (2) at the botton of your RAM so just check on your MB to see where the slot are located then clip on your RAM in place... always put the biggest RAM in slot 1 then smaller on slot 2... Hope this will help you ...

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GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone:

        Is there any particular reason why it is a good idea to put the largest RAM stick in slot 1?  Does it enhance performance more?

"Is there any particular reason why it is a good idea to put the largest RAM stick in slot 1?  Does it enhance performance more?"

"Most fill your slots starting with the largest density and working to the smallest (put the largest module in slot 0, and the second largest in slot 1, and so on).  Some systems go in reverse order, so if this doesn't work, try reversing the procedure. "

"I found out that in most cases, the best performance of your RAM is obtained by putting the largest stick in slot 0, the next largest in slot 1, the smallest in slot 3. "
hi George !
there are 2 kinds of RAM : PC100 and PC133. You should look if your board supports them first (you can do this by looking in the manual or at the manufacturersss site)
Then if you mix them, and the board supports both, they will both run at the SLOWEST speed
I never had an issue when putting the one before the other regarding slots, but it is not impossible.
Hello George,

One thing that no-one has mentioned but is very important: RAM is easily damaged from static electricity. Keep your sticks of ram in an anti-static bag until you are ready to install them. If possible keep the PC plugged in (but powered down) when you install the ram. Before handling the ram touch the chassis of the PC to remove any build up of static from you. Try not to wear wool or nylon. If you have access to an anti-staic wrist strap: wear it.

After you've installed the ram, check to see that all the ram is being recognised by the system - some older systems require double sided. It's also worth downloading and running Memtest to ensure the ram you've installed is fault free.
All current ram is keyed. Ram Has a notch close to the middle of it. This is placed there
so you do not mis-position the ram. One side of the RAM slot is longer than the other. Align
the longer side of the Ram Stick with the longer side of the slot, open the white tabs and push
gently without too much force, until the white tabs click the ram into place. It does not matter
how the Ram is placed by size, it makes no difference whatsoever with SDRAM.
-Good Luck with the RAM!

Hi George

Remember to unplug the power cable before inserting ram sticks
Its not enough to switch off on the back of case if it's ATX

GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading the lay-out of each response to this post.  The information presented by each expert was found to be certainly relevant and germane to the question.  Perhaps equally important, I found the diversification of ideas to be exemplary of EE's high standards of excellence.

      In closing, thanks so much for being there for me.  I will always be indebted to all the talented individuals on EE.

      Very sincerely,

      Mr. George L. Martin
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