source code for ftp program in C

pls can anyone provide me with a source code for writing a ftp client in C in linux based systems.
i am looking for source codes and not softwares
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s_univAuthor Commented:
thanks. but can i have more specific information as to how to start from sratch on developing a ftp client in C
Read RFC for FTP here this gives you a idea
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Try looking at beej's guide to network programming to give you the basics of network programming. Then look in the rfc doc given by rajaamirapu(above) to see what FTP commands and response codes there are. The rest depends on what you want to do!
the basic framwork

in the main loop :
(1) wait for connection (accept())
(2) create a thread to handle this connection, and then go back to (1) to accept next connection

thread for handling a connection :
(1) send() - send welcome string
(2) a loop
    (a) recv() - receive client command
    (b) send() - send response
    (c) optionally, do something else (e.g. open a data connection
    (d) execute loop as long as timeout doesn't pass, or client sends QUIT command
(3) close connection, and terminate thread


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s_univAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot for all ur help. i am basically trying to develop a FTP client to upload/download files from a server machine. The software will have the following features:
1.      User Authentication mode.
2.      Create files and folders.
3.      Upload/Download files in a secure way.
4.      View remote files.
5.      Delete/Rename files.
6.              Multiple file tranfer

I am just trying to be more specific in what I want.
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