How do i do rs.movelast


Could someone tell me how to retrieve thgr LAST record in a recordset? Rs.movelast will not work!
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Order your recordset by DESC (...ORDER BY myfield DESC") and do this:


Dim tempi

If not rs.eof Then
            tempi = rs("ID")
End if

Dim defaultnum
defaultnum = tempi + 1

response.write defaultnum


Default num is the value of the next number that will be generated, tempi is the number of the last ID in the recordset, you can do this for different fields but the + 1 will only work on integer fields obviously.

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its prob abit long winded but its how i have done it in the past - prob known as a work around :o)
Gonzo84Author Commented:
Works for me.  it is actually an ID field i need to find out as i am creating a form online so the user can add a new record to the db and i created the db form a spreadsheet so i couldnt use autonumber, hence why i needed to know hwo to generate the next number.

If you just want to retrieve the last record. you could also try this
<% Response.Buffer = True %>
    Dim rs
        Set rs = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Recordset")
'    strExecute = "SELECT * FROM members"
'    rs.Open strExecute, cnn, 3
    rs.Open "members", "DSN=odbc_exmp" ,2
     rs.movelast  'note this code
    While Not rs.EOF
        Response.Write "First Name : " & rs("firstname") & "<br>"
        Response.Write "Last Name : " & rs("lastname") & "<br>"
        Response.Write "<br>"
    Set rs = Nothing

oops, hadnt refreshed the page.Sorry
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