DHCP 2 separate Networks

This may be seen as a general networking question but i want a windows 2003 server box to set this up if it is possible.

We have 2 networks which are independent of each othermeaning they do not mix. 1 is a windows 2000 admin network which only the staff can see, we have 30+ workstations mainly running 98se some with xp pro, we also have 55+ tablet pc's and laptops (xp)connected to this network, the other is a novell netware 6 based network with 250 client machines this is for curriculum use only.

At present all IPs are assigned statically, we need to move away from this. I would like to have a dhcp server that dishes out the ips but within a certain range depending on the network e.g. any admin machine gets a 10.29.x.x ip and any curriculum machine gets a 10.31.x.x ip.

Is this possible or am i asking the impossible.
Many thanks.
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if the two networks are independant of each other and they do not mix, then you should be fine, all you need is two DHCP server one on each side giving out the neccessary ip's and make certain that if you do link the two domains that bootp packets are not transmitted across the bridge/router/firewall
You can set this up two ways:

(1) Add a second NIC to the 2003 server, configure two scopes and connect it to the other network.  As long as Routing and Remote Access is not turned on, the server will not let the two networks talk.

(2) Assuming the 2003 server is conneced to the LAN with the Microsoft clients, install a DHCP relay agent on the Novell side to service the clients.  The relay agent will pick up the DHCP requests and forward them to the DHCP server.  As long as you have a W2K client on the Novell side, this can be set up.  I'm not sure if Novell has this option, it should.


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williari2003Author Commented:
Both networks share the same backbone and both sevrers 2k & NW6 are connected to same switch, does this make difference?

Small Schematic;
                                  |Outside World |


                                     | SWITCH |

                                   /        ||          \
                         2kServer   Nodes to    NW6

Admin (2k) IP range: -
Curriculum (NW6) : -
If you are using one switch then you could have a problem, unless the ports are segmented using a vlan. And the a router up at the top, in this case you should be fine as the router would not by default allow the dhcp packets from one network to another
It does seem that the switch three vlans.  I would just add a nic to the server and connected to one of the ports designated for NW6.
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Windows Server 2003

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