Activex security issue

Hello all,
I have developed an activex control in visual basic for use in out intranet site. The problem I am having is the computers are set up with high security level which does not allow activex controls to run.

I was wondering if there is anyway of overriding this setting for the intranet site WITHOUT having to configure all the machines in the network (there's well over 5000 machines in the network). Or otherwise if there is a way of doing this remotly on all machines.
If this is not possible is there any other way of doing this. The activex simply get the NT login name and returns it back to the browser.

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more reasons to get away from activeX
and a php link

depending on your server side scripting preferences look for a servervariables, enumerate the keys and look for something like logon_user
The one to talk to is your sysadmin.  If there are site wide security policies on place, then the sysadmin is probably using IEAK to manage the desktops, and it will take a change by them to implement a chagne in desktop permissions.

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MSSUXAuthor Commented:
unfortunetly you can't use request.servervariable("Login_user") unless if you cancel announmus login. If you do this, users would have to login to everypage they access that I would use Login_user in. I cannot do this :|

for coboldinosaur yeah well I can't get hold of them, that's why I asked here if anyone's got a quick way around :)
Generally if the network is that locked down I doubt the sysadmin has left anything open that would lett you get around it.  Disabling activex is not an isolated action, it is more often part of a more complex set of security poilicies to in sure that what has to work can work without compromising general security.  For a network of 5000 desktops there are going to be several layers of security.  If they are using IEAK to lock down the whole network you are not going find a little tweak, the the policy configurations would have to be changed through IEAK.

"unfortunetly you can't use request.servervariable("Login_user") unless if you cancel announmus login. If you do this, users would have to login to everypage they access that I would use Login_user in. I cannot do this :|"

If it is an Intranet as you say, you should disable anonymous access and give the users read access to your web folder. You shouldn't get the authentication box. Besides, it's more secure that way.

The way to do this is to get away from ActiveX altogether. Using .NET you can now embed Windows Forms inside IE6+. There is some configuration to do on the client, but this is much more of a friendly way to do this for a NEtwork team as it takes the danger away from the user (the network admin should be able to configure all PC's in one go).

Have a look at this great article. I have just used it to develop a control that can download files from the internet and run them on a desktop pc or cradled pocket pc device.

This article explains the pitfalls of ActiveX (which you are now running into) and explains the how-to's and benefits of using embedded Windows Forms in IE.

Hope this helps



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MSSUXAuthor Commented:
I have accepted richardSlade answer, as even though it didn't give an answer to my question but it did for sure help me find some other alternatives.
Thank you
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