calling a web services method via java stand-alone client application


I'm confused at invoking wsdl(web_services.cfc?wsdl) from java stand-alone client application.

Coding Program, JBuilderX and i've installed Web Services Developer pack.

I have one web service wsdl file which has a simple method returns one String.

I'm already import the wsdl file to the JBuilderX project and program is put these files in to the project folder.

And after these processes, i don't know how to call the method in that wsdl file...

I searched the google and the groups. But i can't find anything that helps.

So, how can i get the String? or call the method?

Thank you,

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You should be able to do: (from

Call call=new Call();
SOAPMappingRegistry smr = call.getSOAPMappingRegistry();
call.setMethodName("the method name that you want to ivoke");
call.setTargetObjectURI(target where the soap is implemented);
Vector params = new Vector();
params.addElement(new Parameter("parameter to be passed", type of parameter,null);

Response resp = call.invoke(url to be invoked, target object uri);

Assuming it's a SOAP service...
gelgitdevAuthor Commented:
I solved the problem.
Here is the solution. (for JBuilderX packaging)

Web_servicesService ws = new Web_servicesServiceLocator();
Web_services port = ws.getWeb_servicesCfc();
String s = port.getThisShit2("hebe"); //gotcha!

Thank you,
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Nice to hear you got it solved :)

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Fine by me.
me too
PAQ-ing the question and refunding 500  points

Thanks girionis & TimYates !


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