Instant Messaging using Jabber Protocol from AIX to Windows clients


I have already asked for tech help on this forum few days back but without any response.
I will re-explain my requirement.

On the same network, I want to put an Instant Messaging System (process) in place, running on all the Windows clients so that they can be broadcst message from one client or they can communicate among themselves. There is a AIX Server (IBM  box) which will handle the protocolling (simple Java Chatserver type).
Also I request, is there any way where a Instant popup can be sent to clients who I want to call for a meeting on the same IM?

I have been trying to work on Jabber Server with Gaim client (on Windows) for this purpose.
Somebody please help me out on this.

I am putting 500 points to it, because the solution will have an impact on my Oracle APPS (11.5.10) project I am working with. Just beside the point, as of the cuirrent version, Oracle APPS does NOT provide any such messaging system contrary to SAP(R/3). I am only trying to work towards getting a soltuion on a work around messaging.

-- Sanchyc

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>is there any way where a Instant popup can be sent to clients who I want to call for a meeting on the same IM?
This is IM client feature, read marketing papers.
what problem are you trying to solve ???
sanchycAuthor Commented:
I want an IM solution. Suppose, when a client (another user) has loggd out of the IM chat client, can I send a popup message (like net send <IP> <Mesage>) to ask hime to join.
as far as I know, Netmeeting3.0 etc chat does NOT provide such option, they only mention that the called user is NOT in chat room.
However, also, I want to send boradcast mesage to select users from my client in order to either take the APPS DB for for maintenance etc.

Cud I make it clear to you?

You still need some backdoor on client system, how do you imagine identifying logged-off users ???
AFAIK XP SP2 explicitly disabled Alerter and Messenger buggering facilities
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sanchycAuthor Commented:
Well Gheist

I believe you are still groping about to know the reason. Let me give the explanation another try!!

You know in SAP R/3, there is a module process called SM02 which sends pop-up message on the user terminal. The advantage here is both the module process as well as R/3 GUI on client are from SAP and is integrated to the ERP architecture.
However, the project presently I am working in is a Oracle APPS ERP. Here, Oracle DB & the APPS servers are running on 4 IBM-AIX nodes, while all the clients are to connect to the Application using IE or Netscape. Therefore, since, Oracle DOES NOT provide any such IM solution (presently) on their APPS, I am looking forward to you, so that I (as SYSADMIN & DBA) want to comunicate with the usrs who are connected thru the IE/Netscape.

Issue is, suppose one such user has NOT opened the Java Client (a chat server-client IM communication, as I had mentioned earlier), how do I communicate with him saying "Server maintenance is required" or similar urgent mesg. I feel this "backdoor access" attempt on the client has some justification.

Also the same IM can be escalated to cater to functional & technical help to users instantly.
I am also aware of your statement - "XP SP2 explicitly disabled Alerter and Messenger buggering facilities", however, we are standardized on Win-2000 & Win-2003(finally).

Do I sound logical? Is this a realistic, business oriented vision?

-- Sanchyc
sanchycAuthor Commented:
Hi Gheist

I also have another support line query.
The Java based Chat program is working OK. But, that case I need to have java (JDK131) and related classpath setting etc. on my PC.

Is there any simple IM, which can listen to a AIX server, with APACHE server (Oracle default), but the Chat Client clientwill be a compiled version (may be in dotNET)?

-- Sanchyc
as far as i am concerned all custom classpath and runnable class can be packaged in single jar file so user has to click on it.

I do not see any problem for you to get jabber server for AIX and jabber client for windows for free on site.

no need for JAVA, dotNET or other emulated interpreters to slow things down.
> Issue is, suppose one such user has NOT opened the Java Client (a chat server-client IM communication, as I had mentioned earlier), how do I communicate with him saying ...
You cannot. Dot.
Except ther is some kind of software still ruuning on the client and accepting messages.
Why not using M$'s "net message" functionaltity, from Unix (AIX) you can do this with Samba's smbclient (keep in mind that the client still have to accept SMB messages).

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A couple of things might do what you need.  Jabber servers can be setup with group chatrooms (many but not all clients support them).  Also some Jabber clients allow you to sort contacts into groups and send an IM to everyone in a group.

Check out the Exodus Jabber client if you haven't already:
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