onSoundComplete... how do i get it to work

i have made a page containing several pictures, when the pictures are clicked they play a sound.  Next to each picture is a button which, when clicked, writes the name of the sound to an array, all of this works fine but when i push the button to play each sound in order, using the code below in particular the  "newSound.onSoundComplete = function() {" line, the code never goes through it.  i'm probably just missing something but i cannot think of anything. Can anybody help?????

on (click) {
      i = 0;
      j = _root.sounds[i];
      var newSound:Sound = new Sound(this);
      newSound.start(13, 1);
      do {      
            newSound.onSoundComplete = function() {
                  i = i+1;                  
                  j = _root.sounds[i];
                  newSound = new Sound(this);
                  newSound.start(0, 1);
      } while (i<50);
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on (click) {
      var i = -1;
      newSound = new Sound();
      newSound.onSoundComplete = function()
            if(i < _root.sounds.length - 1){
                  i = i + 1;
                  this.start(0, 1);

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Neil_2004Author Commented:
i put an if statement around the bottom onSoundComplete to stop it from repeating for the length of the array but it works perfectly.  I must not be up to scratch on this language at all.
Thank you very much for your help negatyve



p.s. i'll probably be on here frequently asking questions about flash
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