scrubber (slider) navigation for .flv


im using flashMXPro2004, designing a cd-rom with external .flv being controlled by .swf's. I know there's 'media display' component that scrubs the .flv, but i want my own design and programming.

so, can anyone show me how to create a button that works as a scrubber for .flv video?, the .flv is using NetStream and Net Connection,

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this.createEmptyMovieClip("slider_mc", 1);
slider_mc.moveTo(0, 0);
slider_mc.lineStyle(1, 0x00000, 100);
slider_mc.beginFill(0xFFCC00, 100);
slider_mc.lineTo(20, 0);
slider_mc.lineTo(20, 10);
slider_mc.lineTo(0, 10);
slider_mc.lineTo(0, 0);
slider_mc.onPress = function()
      this.startDrag(false, 0, 0, 100, 0);
slider_mc.onRelease = slider_mc.onReleaseOutside = function()
      this.stopDrag(); * this._x) / 100);

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jk-mcAuthor Commented:
hi negatyve,

thanks for replying, it works great, and if it's not too much to ask, i would like the buton to move along the _x axis in sync. with the .flv

i've used,
_root.slider_mc._x = _root.stream_ns.time();
but to no avail;

time is a property, not a method:

_root.slider_mc._x = _root.stream_ns.time;

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jk-mcAuthor Commented:
small problem ,

_root.slider_mc._x = _root.stream_ns.time;
is holding the button at a certain place, not allowing me to move it further along,

any ideas?
Are you using an event, like enterFrame, or a setInterval, to update the slider position?
jk-mcAuthor Commented:
eh well, i've got a movieClip called 'drag' in a movieClip called 'totalTimeLine',
and i've attached the following code to the button that sits within mc 'drag',

on (press) {
     this.startDrag(false, 0, 0, 201, 0);

on (release, releaseOutside) {

mc 'totalTimeLine' has 2 frames, on which
_root.slider_mc._x = _root.stream_ns.time;
is in frame 1, and a gotoAndPlay(1) is in frame 2.

this._parent.stop(); and; in the button allows it to move along the _x axis, but there's an unprofessional delay on mouse release for hald a second,

hope that all makes sense

jk-mcAuthor Commented:

i think im happy enough with what i've got,  
thats the 2nd time you've helped me, i appreciate it a lot,


I hate to impose and excuse my duhness, but would you have a sample .fla file to share which provides a working example of your flv scrubber.  If you wish, please feel free to contact me at

I'm new to Flash MX and online video, and struggling with the coding.

Thanks in advance,

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