Upgrading Access 2000 apps to Access 2003

  We are upgrading our Office suite to Office 2003 (which includes access 2003).  I have written over 60 apps for our company.  They are all presently in Access 2000.  I tried to stay current as we upgraded our Access versions.  I would like to upgrade the Access 2000 apps to Access 2003.  Do you have any advice for this undertaking.  I've checked the references and here is what I use:
     OLE Automation, Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.1 library, Microsoft Office 9.0 Object Library, Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensibility 5.3, Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library, Microsoft Graph 9.0 Object Library, Utility, Microsoft CDO 1.21 Library
Are all of these supported in Access 2003? Do you think I should update any?
Some of my db's connect to email (they have the ability to create emails though the db), graphs in some reports, some Word merges.  I can't think of any other major things they do.
The reason I want to update is because I read about the security things and I know they will "accidentally" try to update the database without really meaning to.  So I thought I should do it first. I want to avoid the "pop-up" boxes...
What are the steps I should take in order to updgrade the db's to 2003?
Any advice is greatly appreciated...  


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AFAIK, all of those libraries should not be a problem. To the best of my knowledge, A2K3 can open and run A2K apps without needing to convert, but you can certainly undertake that task if you want. You can reduce the macro security in A2K3 if you wish, to avoid security issues.

However, A2K3 is considerably less stable and buggier than A2K (as long as you have all of the A2K service packs installed), so I am not sure that this is a good idea - although if your company has upgraded, you're probably stuck with it. A2K3 is fully backwards compatible, and anything that works in A2K should work fine in A2K3.
abcctechAuthor Commented:
  Thanks for your quick reply...  
   I have set the "sand box" to:  3
    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Jet\4.0\Engines\  SandboxMode  Value Data  3
    I set the Macro Security Level to LOW (Tools\Macro\Security)
   I am now able to open the Access 2K app in Access 2003 without any messages (A2K format).  
   I upgraded the Access 2K app to Access2003 and was able to open it without any messages.  I checked references and all was OK.  I recompiled and it complied without any errors.  Now I have 59 more apps to!!!

 It doesn't ask to convert to 2003 either..  Do you know why?  I'm glad but when I tested before it kept asking.  I think maybe this time I installed SP1 for Office 2003.   If it doesn't ask about converting I think I can do the conversion  a little at a time instead of doing them all at once.  Do you think that will be OK?
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