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SSL / Cross-domain / Images

I'm re-doing a website for the company I work for. We have two domains, www.mydomain.com and support.mydomain.com, the support.mydomain.com subdomain runs on https with a valid ssl certificate.

/home/webserver/www.mydomain.com and /home/webserver/support.mydomain.com are the absolute folders for these 2 domains. Both share the same unix user account information.

To save space and be more efficient in general with the site, as several images are used on both that are the same. So rather than duplicate the image files in both webspaces can I link between them? Normally this is straight-forward but with SSL this will give a warning won't it? About using unsecure content on a secure webpage. If so can I prevent this?

What if I create a symbolic link from /home/webserver/support.mydomain.com/images to point to /home/webserver/www.mydomain.com/images? Would that work? I don't have access to apache and therefore can't see it's config files or redo anything with it.

1 Solution
if FollowSymLinks is enabled for /home/webserver/support.mydomain.com/images  on apache config   it should not be a problem
Ramazanyich is correct;  as long as FollowSymLinks is enabled, the symbolic link will work.

However, there's another potential solution, which is to create an Alias for that directory within your httpd.conf or .htaccess file:

Alias /images /home/webserver/wwww.mydomain.com/images

NarusegawaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rama. I thought the SSL would've been an issue but it's not. Luckily my host allows me shell access to create the symlink and they have FollowSymLinks turned on.

If they didn't, then I'd be out of luck.

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