Trying to protect a checkbox using readonly - NOT WORKING!

Below is a sample of my source.  I cannot figure out why the checkbox does not show up PROTECTED on my form.  Would appreciate any comments!

<cfset LockFld = "Y">
<cfif #LockFld# IS NOT "Y">
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" name="Limits1" <cfif getPS1.Limits IS 1>Checked</cfif>>
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" name="Limits1"  readonly <cfif getPS1.Limits IS 1>Checked</cfif>>
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I have always used disabled instead of readonly - because of the following,...quote from (

"It's important to understand that READONLY merely prevents the user from changing the value of the field, not from interacting with the field. For many types of fields, READONLY is irrelevent because you don't normally change the value. In checkboxes, for example, you can check them on or off (thus setting the CHECKED state) but you don't change the value of the field. DISABLED, however, actually prevents you from using the field."

If you want the "look" of a normal checkbox,...but the appearance of read only field (like a readonly text input) you can use a javascript function to undo the click when a user clicks a checkbox that you want to be read-only.

I can provide the code if required.


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as bwasyliuk pointed out above...what you are looking for is DISABLED and not READONLY
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