Computer will not recognise any new network.

OK. I no u guys are good, so please help.
I cannot set up a network place in a new sony vaio laptop. When i use network setup wizard it asks all the right questions. The laptop is seen by other computers on the network but does not allow access. When i veiw workgroup computers from the laptop it does not even see itself. I can ping other computers from the laptop but i cannot ping the laptop itself. I can ping the default gateway. I have tried changing the ip address but to no avail.
I have tried copying the exact settings of everything on another new vaio that works on the network but this laptop will not recognise any workgroups at all. I do get internet access from it. I am now desperate and running out of time. This is urgent!!!!
Windows xp.  Netgear wireless router.
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first disable any and all firewalls (the built iun one, and any that came witht he anti virus or ones yyou have installed
next enable NetBIOS over tcp
and see here
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Is it working? If so, why the "C" grade?
selecterAuthor Commented:
I have seen a lot of your replies and they have been indepth and given good info. The machine is working now but it came from link you set. As this was not your info but that of someone else, i think c grade is adequate. you do give good advice and if i recieve advice from you directly, then i would not have a problem giving a higher grade. 500 points for a redirection is quite a coo don't you think?
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