Problem sending HTML email using ASPEMAIL


I'm using the ASPEMAIL component to send an HTML message but for some reason the email is being slightly corrupted when viewed on some computers.

The html message contains a link to an image which for some strange reason has an extra . inserted into the name which prevents it from appearing.

On other services such as yahoo mail everything appears correctly.  I know the HTML content is ok before sending as I am displaying it on the screen.

I used the "Quoted-Printable" attribute which I thought might correct this but it doesn't, perhaps thats just for text emails?

Any help would be really appreciated.
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Four questions:

Which version of ASPEmail are you using?

What clients are the computers that are having issues using?

Where in the link is the "." getting inserted?

Did you try specifying the UTF-8 character set with the quoted-printable attribute?  (

I have seen similar issues with version 5, but need a little more info to narrow down the solution:)

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meagordAuthor Commented:
I solved this a couple of days ago but to be honest I don't know why it's fixed or why it happened.

I had set the quoted-printable attribute already but the problem went away when I set the character set to iso-8859-1

The thing is I need the service to be able to handle email in different languages so I may need to change this again to something else.  Do you happen to know which character sets work ok and which cause problems?

Offhand I do not--I haven't used ASPEmail with any language but English. On near the bottom it does provide a list of fully-supported character sets. Unfortunately the character set specifications are more an issue with email clients (as you have determined). If you know what the most popular email clients and versions in the other languages, test those and for all others the best thing to do is provide a link to a browser version of the HTML email to be viewed by those who have trouble.

Email wasn't really designed for HTML, and what with the multitude of different client and server software out there it is nearly impossible to be completely fool-proof. If the email simply has to be HTML, I always make sure to include a link to the HTML version and make the message multi-part MIME so a text version is included as well for those who's email clients aren't optimized for HTML:)
meagordAuthor Commented:
OK thanks for your assistance with this.
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